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If you have been following the markets, you might have heard about the WeWork IPO debacle. Without getting into the details, let’s get one thing clear – WeWork did crack the code for offering productivity inducing offices. Most of the tenants and lessors they had were very happy with the offices they have.

All of this goes to show one thing – you can have a systematic plan for building an office space that induces productivity. The question remains – how?

Here’s How You Can Do It

Understand the Needs of Your Business Instead of Focusing on the Trends in the Market

There are a ton of office design ideas floating around the internet. Some of them are free and are very good for the eyes. That said – none of this means they are good for your business.

Imagine this. You read somewhere that private offices give a sense of ownership and increase productivity. So, you built tens of cabins in the office. The only problem is that you run a consulting practice and at any given point in time, 20% of your employees are at the client’s site. That is huge flush out of resources for next to no view of results in near times. Ideas for Productive Office Design for Your Business Future of Work

Hence, before you get started with anything – understand the needs of your business. The key parameters you should examine are the need for collaboration, privacy, IT and downtime needed in your business. The next step will give you more data on these fronts.

Office Design Ideas To Help Inspire Your Employees

If you are going to wear a suit, shouldn’t you be the one visiting the tailor? If you are an office manager or a business operator and you plan to order office furniture without taking the counsel of your employees, at best, you are going ahead with a hunch. The best decisions in business are inclusive. Ideas for Productive Office Design for Your Business Future of Work

Thus, you have to understand that your employees will be the very people who use the office design ideas you are so impressed with. Before placing the order, gather them for a casual chat and ask them about their pain points. Who knows – they might even give you more cost-efficient ideas!

For instance – you might be thinking about bringing in cubicles, which will add to the costs. Your employees might be thinking about working in an open-office design, which will require much lesser resources. So, keep them in the loop.

Let TheseOffice Design Ideas Prove That These Spaces Can Be Equally Functional and Fun

Every proprietor wants to see his employees working their hearts out. Because she knows that this will result in growth. The reality is that if your employees are working round the clock across the calendar, their output quality and productivity will go down. Humans are creative and creativity comes to a relaxed mind.

standing-desk-1024x701 Ideas for Productive Office Design for Your Business Future of Work

This is the reason why you have to have an acceptance of downtime in the office. Have a dedicated space for relaxing or start with having standing desks, that help your team members lose calories even while they are talking to your members.

In Conclusion

The biggest idea is for the last – look at your office design expenses as investments and not costs. This investment will help you reap direct benefits in terms of increased productivity and better work culture. The aftereffect of this would be that you will be able to attract better talent, because your internal customers are happy! Ideas for Productive Office Design for Your Business Future of Work

Want to know how else can you keep your ‘internal customers’ happy with your office furniture? Give us a call and we will give you a free office design and interior planning consultation session.

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