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There’s no doubt you’ve been to restaurant or bar that has applied the industrial style to its layout, and like me, you’ve probably thought it looked very on trend.

Industrial style or as some may call it, industrial chic, highlights agedness, rawness, with a combination of rough textures that take clues from industrial spaces. Design trends come and go but the industrial style is one that has remained and still widely popular.

The industrial style can be applied to any space whether it’s an office, bar, or home. If it’s done well, it works an absolute treat and can bring an edgy personality to a dull room.

If you’re contemplating a theme for your workspace that is functional, cost-effective, durable, simple yet artsy, sustainable and adds character, then industrial style could be right for you.

Texture and colours

Most often the colour palette designers would go for is neutral, filled with greys and rustic colours. A palette would usually consist of greens, oranges, browns, turquoise, greys, copper, and beige.

The textures include exposed materials like exposed brick, aged wood, metal and concrete. These are usually unpolished, rough and raw elements that give off that industrial look.

Screen-Shot-2019-03-15-at-3.31.28-pm Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

industrial textures and material

Keep it simple

You want to keep it simple and not overdo it with colours, textures and elements. The minimalist design trend is about designer’s expression only the most essential and necessary elements in a room, and to eliminate excessive, unnecessary components and features.

f0695cd04a97188319ef3f0037305dce Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

industrial minimalist

Lighting and accents

Lighting tends to be one of the last items thought about when designing a room, but you can make a statement with industrial style lighting and accents.

Choosing the right style can be eye-catching and a feature in your space, and most importantly, it can either set or dampen the mood depending on the placement of your lights.

be23ffaf8a48b0f2934954ddd5e73cc5 Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

Industrial Style Lighting

Weathered elements

Strap the tool-belt and get creative. Sometimes industrial weathered elements can be expensive even though they look like they were dragged off the side of the road. The beauty of the industrial style is that it’s not just another ‘trend’ because the materials can be recycled over and over again.

Use unassuming raw and natural materials. Think metal for a retro look and opt for rough matte textures.

01e05b7d8676471b0ded5e2119a2f156 Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

simple yet effective industrial style

11292ab0846be2215b11bc00d27b932d Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

simple yet effective industrial style


Industrial is traditionally all about hard work, so it could have that effect in an office space too right? Opt for vintage style, rustic, metal and wooden furniture.

This board room flaunts an exposed brick wall, a wooden boardroom table with retro style wooden chairs. A perfect combination to carry on the industrial theme.

Screen-Shot-2019-03-15-at-3.13.11-pm-1024x576 Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

Industrial Boardroom Setting with Brick Walls and a Wooden Boardroom Table with Wooden Chairs

This industrial private executive office is the perfect example of great use of industrial style elements, maintaining that edgy-retro look.

Screen-Shot-2019-03-15-at-3.23.48-pm-1024x574 Industrial Style Ideas Design Ideas

Industrial Private Executive Office with Brick Walls, a Meeting Area, a Private Desk and a Black Executive Office Chair

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