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Have you been taking a walk around the offices of your biggest clients or partners? You might have started noticing a change. More and more people are shifting to a standing desk

At its core – the idea seems revolutionary but counterproductive. How can a standing desk help you be more productive? Aren’t you supposed to stay relaxed at work in order to focus?

The data that supports the notion of using a standing desk for better productivity is profound. We have to understand the underlying truth – the notion of working collectively in an office is only a century old. Use Standing Desk for Better Health Future of Work

That is not enough time for us as humanity to unravel all the governing principles of a workspace. Hence, there is no surprise that we have been wrong about a lot of things. Sitting for hours in the same place is a part of that very set of things we got wrong.

So, if you have been following the astounding CEO of Twitter, Mr Jack Dorsey, you might already be aware of the benefits of a standing desk. In case Mr Dorsey hasn’t caught your imagination, here’s every reason why you should consider standing desks in order to focus on employee health.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

A Standing Desk help You Have an Active Lifestyle Without Impeding on Your Work

First and foremost – you should get rid of the notion that a standing desk will make you put in more effort and will distract you. David Solomon, the new CEO of Goldman Sachs, has a standing desk in his office. He uses it frequently, as shown in a recent documentary. If the CEO of a humongous financial institution can use it, there is no possibility of getting distracted while using it. 

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Mobile Twin Laptop Desk

On top of it – standing desks allow you to burn calories while you are still working. Sure, running a brain at its best also burns calories, but not as many as standing for an hour does. If you are not getting enough time to work out every day, standing desks can be your salvation into a healthy lifestyle! 

A Standing Desk Correct Your Posture Which Impacts both Your Health and Personality

Do you remember that leader who had a bad posture? Right. No one does. Leaders are meant to be idols for their followers and team members. If you want to become a leader anywhere in the future, you should have a firm and healthy posture when you sit as well as when you stand.

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Now, if you are chasing deadlines for most of your day and working for over 10 hours sitting at your desk, you will never have the time to work on your posture. In fact, the load of your work will only cause your posture to deteriorate. Hence, use standing desks to correct your posture in time and prepare for a leader’s personality automatically.

It Increases Blood Circulation

What happens when you are sitting at your desk for long hours? Your blood circulation slumps. The muscles, joints and cells in your body do not get the required amount of oxygen they need to function.

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This leads to decreased stamina and increased fatigue. Want to get rid of this? Use a standing desk

In Conclusion

Unlike several other furniture trends, standing desks are not a fad. They are the need of the hour. If you are facing trouble in thinking about how to integrate standing desks into your office space, give us a call. Our team of experts will walk you through a free office planning consultation session. Happy working! 

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