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More information and more options usually lead to better decisions. Think about it – whenever you were well-informed thanks to your research and had enough options in front of you, you would’ve taken the right decision.

This theory of accumulating more information and looking at options for better decision making applies to both big-ticket personal purchases like homes and cars as well as business expenses like office desks. Types of Office Desks and Their Importance Future of Work

Now, if you are not a seasoned office manager, there is a high chance you might have never thought about the types of office desks available in the market. Hence, when you are hit with the decision of choosing from a ton of options, you might find yourself in a tough spot. Don’t worry.

Types of Office Desks you Should Know About Along with Their Appropriate Use Cases

Rectangular Office Desks

These are the most common type of office desks and their name describes the structure they carry. You will find a rectangular desktop when you see this type of desks. The key parameter that differentiates these desks is the simplicity if their design. Types of Office Desks and Their Importance Future of Work

No matter what type of interior design you have, these desks will fight into them. Plus, since the design is not that complex, the prices tend to be lower for such desks. If you are looking for something very simple and cost-efficient, this is the alternative for you.

Wave Office Desks

Wave desks are an example of what all you can achieve if you are good with design thinking. Just by adding a nuanced feature at the time of making, these desks become extremely friendly to users who will need a computer on their desks. 

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The wave desk has a desktop designed such that one end of the desk is a little lower than the other end. This helps you put your computer on the deeper side and your mouse on the other side. When you use a computer on a wave desk, your posture and hands automatically come into an optimal state. If you will be using computer and your mouse for a long period of time, these desks will be of great help. 

Workstation Desks

These are the desks that are trending the most these days. They carry a suit of features – longer working area, extra space for accessories like cup-holders, storage space and even partition, depending on the design.

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If you have a team of few people who have a varied set of duties to be carried out from a single desk on a daily basis, these desks will do wonders for you and your team. Usually, if you are planning to place desks in corners, workstations will provide a great return on the space they occupy.

Convertible Desks

This is one of the most revolutionary trends in office furniture since it challenges the very notion of sitting and working. It is a known fact that working throughout the day while sitting on your desk is only an invite to future health problems.

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Convertible office desks give you the freedom to adjust the desk’s height in order to get the right posture as well as converting them entirely into standing desks. 

In Conclusion

The ideal way to get the office desks you need is by using a mix of these varieties of desks. We can help you choose the right mix of desks than will optimize productivity in your office. Get in touch with our team and get your free office planning consultation session today

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