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One can specialize in one of these three
areas of Ergonomics:
Physical where main focus is on
human characteristics such as anatomy, anthropometrics, psychology and
biomechanics and their relation to physical activity.
 Cognitive puts main focus on mental process in a
form of perception, memory, motor response and logical reasoning as they
directly affects correlation between human and the system, focusing on topics
of working stress, human-computer interaction, decision-making process and
other relevant topics.
 Organizational deals with the optimization of the
system itself based on three major categories:
o   Organizational structure
o   Policies
o   Processes
Relevant topics of those categories include communication, work design,
cooperative work, telework, quality management etc.
There is a three (3) years undergraduate and
four (4) years postgraduate study required for earning prosper Diploma and
become relevant expert in this field.

As a part of overall concerns in Health and
Safety, Ergonomics takes special place as a discipline that deals with the
“how” and “why” and therefore is aiming to lead technology instead being lead
by the technology.

Top Ergonomic Experts

Some of distinct and recognized leading
experts in this particular field of Health and Safety, in the US, Australia and
worldwide are:
Richard Wyatt, Ph.D. – Associate Director, Aon
Ergonomic Services, Huntsville, AL. An industrial and systems engineering
expert, Dr. Wyatt conducts ergonomic seminars across the country and develops
ergonomic plans and programs. A certified quality engineer, registered
professional engineer, and certified professional ergonomist. 
Edward J. Bernacki, M.D.,
M.P.H. – Dr. Bernacki is Associate Professor and Director,
Occupational Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore,
and serves as Executive Director of Health, Safety and Environment and Chair of
the Johns Hopkins Hospital and University’s Safety Committee. Dr. Bernacki is
also current president of the American College of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine.
Lisa M. Brooks, C.I.E. –
Ms. Brooks is Health and Safety Program Manager for International Paper
Company, Memphis, TN. A certified industrial ergonomist, she holds advanced
degrees in kinesiology (with an emphasis on human motor control and exercise
physiology) and industrial and operations engineering (with an emphasis on
ergonomics) from the University of Michigan.
Barbara Silverstein is SHARP’s Research
Director. She has worked on ergonomics-related issues at OSHA, the University
of Michigan Center for Ergonomics, the Finnish Institute of Occupational
Health, and the California Department of Health Services. Her major areas of
research have been identification and control of work-related musculoskeletal
disorders, comparison of surveillance methods and intervention studies to
control these disorders. 
Carter J. Kerk, Ph.D. –
Associate Professor in the Industrial Engineering Program at South Dakota
School of Mines and Technology. Dr. Kerk is also a licensed Professional
Engineer, a Certified Safety Professional, and a Certified Professional
Ergonomist. He has 21 peer-reviewed publications in journals and conference
proceedings covering ergonomics, occupational medicine, and other industrial
hygiene issues, and has participated in 60 invited seminars and lectures in the
United States, Mexico and Canada.
Morton L. Kasdan, M.D., F.A.C.S. –
Clinical Professor of Surgery (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) at the
University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY. A leading expert
on ergonomic-related injuries, Dr. Kasdan has conducted research, written
articles and studies, participated in numerous exhibits and presented seminars
and academic lectures on cumulative trauma disorders and musculoskeletal
symptoms in the workplace. Dr. Kasdan has served since 1991 as a member of the
American National Standards Institute, Medical Management Subcommittee, and
Control of Cumulative Trauma Disorders.
George P. LaPorte – Ergonomics Manager for NATLSCO, the loss control division of Kemper
Insurance Companies, Lake Zurich, IL. Mr. LaPorte has spent more than 23 years
in the areas of ergonomics, safety and industrial engineering and currently
supervises Kemper/NATLSCO’s Health and Ergonomics technical staff. A certified
industrial ergonomist, Mr. LaPorte has provided ergonomics consulting in the
meatpacking, textile, and bakery and health care industries.
Lida Orta-Anes, Ph.D. –
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Puerto
Rico. Dr. Orta-Anes is currently developing a minor concentration in ergonomics
within the Industrial Hygiene Program and serves as the principal investigator
in several proposed ergonomics research projects. Prior to her current
position, she served as the Senior Ergonomist Consultant for the United Auto
Workers in Detroit. 
Audrey Nelson, Ph.D., RN –
Center Director for: VHA Patient Safety Center of Inquiry, VHA Health Services
Research Program on Patient Safety Outcomes; and Suncoast Development Research
Evaluation Research Center on Safe Patient Transitions. She chaired a national
VHA task force on Patient Care Ergonomics – that program was implemented
Paul A. Fontana – Occupational Therapist, Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc. at the
Fontana Center, Lafayette, LA. Mr. Fontana is a registered occupational
therapist with 26 years of experience, the last 16 of which have been
specialized in working with business and industry customers on injury
prevention and return to work programs.
Prof. Peter Hasle, PhD is professor
at Centre for Industrial Production, Aalborg University. He has studied working
conditions in small businesses for more than two decades. He was director of the
Centre for research in management, organization and working environment in
small enterprises and chairman for the international
conference: Understanding Small Enterprises 2009 in Denmark. His research interest is in integration of business
strategy, work organization and employee well-being.
Prof. David Caple has been working as an
independent OHS advisor since 1984. He is an Adjunct Professor at La Trobe
University and provides consulting services both within Australia and also in
UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, as well as New Zealand. David has been the
project leader on seven major research projects funded by the Victorian
Government in relation to the SME sector. This has included a range of
innovative programs to identify and address the issue of healthy workplaces
within their specific industry context. 
Dr. Kazutaka Kogi, Research Adviser of the Institute for Science of Labor in Kawasaki,
has been active in occupational health and ergonomics at international level.
Currently he is President of the International Commission on Occupational
Health (ICOH). His main areas of interest are workload assessment and practical
improvement of small-scale workplace particularly through the networking
support for participatory approaches.
Dr. Felicity Lamm associate Professor is the Inaugural Co-Director of the Centre for
Occupational Health and Safety Research at the Auckland University Technology
(AUT). She has been teaching and researching in the area of occupational health
and safety (OHS) for the past 25 years. As Co-Director of the Centre, she has
led a number of collaborate research projects in OHS and has helped to
establish a support network for academics and practitioners.
Prof. David Walters
is Professor of Work Environment and Director of Cardiff Work
Environment Research Centre (CWERC), Cardiff University. His research and
writing is on various aspects of the work environment including employee
representation and consultation on health and safety, the politics of health
and safety at work, regulating and inspecting health and safety management,
chemical risk management at work and health and safety in small firms.
Dr. Ian Laird is
currently an Associate Professor in Occupational Health and Safety in the
Centre for Ergonomics and Occupational Safety and Health, Massey University,
Palmerstone North. Dr Laird has a B Sc (Honors) from Victoria University of
Wellington, an M Sc in Occupational Hygiene from the London School of Hygiene
and Tropical Medicine, University of London and a Ph D in Physiology from
Massey University. He has worked for the Ministry of Health and Accident
Compensation Corporation, before taking his position at Massey University.
Professor Stephen Legg, Centre
for Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health, Massey University, NZ,
specialist in Biomechanics, thus physical part ergonomics. Chairman of USE2013
Conference Organizing Committee.
Ann-Beth Antonsson,
Research scientist at the Ergonomics Department and Swedish Environmental
Research Institute (IVL). Ann-Beth Antonsson has been working with applied
research since 1980 and her research has over the years gained a considerable
width. The main focus lies on supporting the worksites’ efforts towards better
working conditions, and the research includes many different aspects of work
environment and affects many industries
Gavriel Salvendy, Handbook of Human Factors
and Ergonomics

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