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What makes a business grow at an exceptional rate? Is it the funding? Or is it the set of customers? If you start looking at it closely, it is the productivity of its employees.

It should make sense and it does. We all have a limited number of hours in a day and a limited number of other resources to work with. So, the only way to have an edge as a business, is by having incremental growth in employee productivity. Designing workplaces for optimizing productivity is the cornerstone of attaining this incremental growth.

Here’s How You Can Design a Workplace That Promotes and Optimizes Productivity

Understand the Industry You Are In and the Company Culture You Want to Cultivate

No furniture trend or interior plan should be built without understanding these two facets of your business. The industry you are in will definitely have a reflection on the type of workplace you end up designing. Design Workplace for Maximum Productivity Future of Work

If you are running a small tech operation, you will not have any major constraints to look into. But if you are a government contractor, you will have certain obligatory constraints like the privacy of data to be taken care of.

When you put your company’s culture on top of this – you get a unique set of rubrics that will help you optimize workplace productivity. For instance, if you have a top-down organization where hierarchy is critical for the business, you will not want an open-office design. Office partition screens, cubicles and dedicated working zones will be ideal for you. Design Workplace for Maximum Productivity Future of Work

On the other side, if you want to promote collaboration – open office design and hot desking can be of tremendous help. You can also have dedicated zones for brainstorming and idea meetings – which are loaded with projectors, whiteboards and pin-boards.

Workplace Productivity is also a Function of How Relaxed Your Employees Are At Work

As counterintuitive as it may sound – you should have dedicated relaxing zones in the office. No, you don’t have to have sleeping pods or meditation area in place, but there should be someplace in the office where employees can come and relax. Why? Because you wouldn’t want your employees to get fatigued.

Optimal workplace productivity is not about making your employees work with every breath. It’s about giving them an environment where they can consistently produce great quality of work at a rate higher than the industry average. Design Workplace for Maximum Productivity Future of Work

In order to create relaxing zones, you can have small tables, board games, bar top tables, bean bags and a small refrigerator in the office. This one place will help your employees keep the tension out of their heads and focus on work. Take Google and Facebook for an example! 

If You Don’t Have the Real Estate Space or Budget, It Doesn’t Mean You Cannot Optimize Productivity

Some business operators have a notion that since they don’t own the place – there are certain things they cannot do. For instance – they can’t have a cubicle system in the office. This is not the right perspective. If you want to run a successful business, you will have to plan a workaround for every time you find a constraint. Design Workplace for Maximum Productivity Future of Work

Even for a cubicle problem – who said you have to get permanent cubicles? You can get partition screens or use mobile whiteboards as partition screens.

In Conclusion

Be cognizant about the industry you are in and the culture you want to promote. Keep a zone for relaxing. And finally – be creative. If you want to get all of this in one go – reach out to our team and we will give you a free office planning and interior design consulting session!

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