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12 Fun Ways to Boost
Productivity and Reduce Stress Related Injuries at Work.

preventingRSIwithgoodergonomics 12 Fun Ways to Boost Productivity and Reduce Stress Related Injuries at Work. Future of Work
Everyone needs a break sometimes, especially at work. Breaks
motivate you and give you a fresh perspective on things, and cognitive studies
have conclusively shown that taking regular breaks improves productivity*
Not only that, regular work breaks provide employees with
much needed time to move around, stretch stiff limbs and muscles, rest the eyes
and help with the overall flow of blood and oxygen to the body.
There is just one problem though, we are more often than not
so engrossed in our work or so busy worrying about what might be around the
corner that we simply forget to take a break – ever.

That’s Why We Have
Ergonomics Right?

 Most workers know about ergonomics and how important it is
to maintain a good posture whilst seated at work, but unfortunately that is not
enough. Taking breaks is not only crucial for your physical health (*see
this article
on the types of Work Related Stress Injuries), it helps keep
you sane and breaks up the monotony of the day.
With that in mind, and knowing that time is our most
precious commodity, I have listed 12 things you can do in and around the office
that will improve your health, your spirit, and your day!

Note: Checking
Facebook or phoning a loved one does not count as a break since you are not
leaving your desk or changing the physical manner in which you work.

 12 Fun Ways to Boost
Productivity and Reduce Stress Related Injuries at Work.

work-fun-gettyimages-1 12 Fun Ways to Boost Productivity and Reduce Stress Related Injuries at Work. Future of Work

1.       Step Outside – Go For a Walk.
Sometimes the simple act of leaving the office environment is enough to
clear your head and give you that fresh perspective you have been searching
for. The fresh air and blood circulation is just an added bonus.

2.       Meditate.
Whether you choose to sit quietly in your own thoughts or use one of the
many many meditation CD’s that are available is up to you. Find what works and
enjoy the solitude.

3.       Grab a Snack.
Eating a healthy snack not only recharges the batteries (so to speak) it
also provides an opportunity to stretch tired muscles and eyes.

4.       Have a Break with a Colleague
Sharing your break time with a co-worker not only opens up lines of
communication and reduces tension, it’s also a great way of making sure you are
actually taking those regular breaks.

5.       Bend and Stretch (Reach for the Stars)
Don’t worry, Jupiter and Mars are not coming, but neither are the tension
headaches or back aches either. Regular stretching of the neck, back and
shoulder muscles help maintain oxygen and blood flow – vital to the prevention
of work related stress injuries

6.       Read a Book or Magazine
Reading a book takes you away from the reality of the office and gives you
some much needed down time. Even a magazine gives you that time to just ‘enjoy
the moment’. Can you feel the tension fading already?

7.       Get Organised
Sometimes taking a break can still involve work – sort of. Taking time to
organise your desk or clean up your work area can go a long way to increasing
your overall health and wellbeing. The break from spreadsheets and emails is certainly
nice too.

8.       Laugh, Cry, React!
Allow yourself to be… you! Read a funny joke or share a funny picture
(yes OK, Facebook counts in this case) but allow yourself to react. Laugh like
no one is watching. It makes you feel better and relaxes those tense muscles
very effectively.

9.       Get Creative.
Allowing your creativity to flow is a fantastic way of breaking the
monotony of the day and reducing tension. Grab a pen and write a poem or doodle
something. Talent is not required, a willingness to let go and have fun is.

10.   Listen to Music.
If appropriate, spend 10 minutes listening to your favourite song. The
radio is too distracting but pure music has a track record for reducing stress
and making us feel ‘human’ again.

11.   Play a Game.
Games are a great way of reducing stress, and they help keep your cognitive
functions firing too! Play a game of cards with a co-worker or maybe challenge
someone to a game of chess. Games are good because you can leave them and come
back at a later date. Finish this one off at lunch? J

12.   Watch the World Go By.

Find a window with a view and watch the
world go by. What you look at is not important, just as long as you are
focusing on things outside of the office – both with your eyes and your mind.


 Taking a break increases productivity, improves blood and
oxygen flow and is a vital part of good operational health and safety
practices. Making sure you stretch your muscles and reduce physical tensions
where possible is important, but remembering to actually do so is paramount.
There are in fact various types of ‘rest break software’
available that are designed to help you keep tabs on your day and reminds you
when to take a break. 
Read this
for more information on Rest Break Software.

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