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There is one common thread that binds us all – unorganized under desk mobile pedestals.

Whether you are a top-notch banker or a creative techie who is just starting out

Pointers to Organize your under desk mobile Pedestals

Some of us are gifted with assistants who can help us in organizing office space.

That said, for the majority of the working professionals, this is a tenuous task.

A lot of children literally drag themselves to organize their rooms and the same quality applies to many of the adults.

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under desk mobile pedestals organisation tips

You don’t have to worry about it.

We have come up with a set of productivity hack, so the next time when you open the mobile pedestal under your desk

You don’t feel like you’re visiting Bermuda Triangle:

1. Divide things into urgent, important and essential.

There is a very famous time management mental model that pushes you to chart things into the urgent versus important category.

Whatever is urgent and important comes first in the list of tasks to be done and whatever is not urgent & unimportant can be omitted for the time being.

The same principle, with a bit of adjustment, can be used to organize your under desk mobile pedestals.

Office furniture is meant to make life easier for you – so why not make it do exactly that! Divide everything that is in your desk into what is urgent and what is important.

The most urgent and important things should be easily accessible while anything that is not urgent but important can be placed deeper.

In addition to this, there might be a few essentials like hand sanitizers or staplers, that are not a part of your job but help you do your job properly.

Keep these things in your bag to free up space in your storage unit and to still keep them accessible.

2. Use coloured tapes and label-makers.

One of the best ways to stay organized with things is to use a label-maker.

Lab scientists regularly use this organization tip where they label everything since it can be a matter of life and death.

While labelling everything when you are at work may seem tiring, once you get into the habit of it

This will start making intuitive sense and will keep you naturally organized.

If a label-maker sounds like too much for your work, you can simply use coloured tapes to organize things using a scheme of colours.

3. Keep a digital backup of all your files.

While this is not a productivity hack, it is definitely a job-saving hack.

As soon as you get something, that you know you will need at a later point in time, take a digital copy of it by either scanning it or taking a photo of it.

Usually, this works well when you are dealing with documents.

Instead of finding a piece of paper every now and then, you can take a print out and get to work, without any hassles.

4. End your day with organizing things.

Finally – if you can spend the very last 15 minutes of your workday in organizing your under desk mobile pedestals

You will truly love yourself the next morning when you are feeling energetic and can get straight to work, without having to look for things.

In Conclusion

You are not required to spend a heap on time to organize under desk mobile pedestals organized.

Just have a little degree of discipline and use one of the ideas listed above, and you will never have to open your pedestal drawer and get the feeling of running away from work!

Looking for more creative ideas to solve your office furniture tussles? Reach out to us and we will give you a free office furniture consultation session.

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