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Do you believe a trending conference table can make a difference in the output quality of a meeting? Think about having a brainstorming session on a public bus. Now imagine having the same session in a well-designed conference room. Your brain might have already given you a picture of why the environment is important for team meetings.

For long, conference tables have been a passively planned piece of furniture. Most of the office managers don’t even go through a whole lot of options when choosing a trending conference table. 2019 Trending Conference Table Ideas Future of Work

After all, what is the role of this table? In reality, this might be the table where you have boardroom meetings, investor calls, strategic review meetings as well as critically important brainstorming sessions. 

Thus, it becomes extremely important to have the right conference table in place.

Here Are a Few Common Variants for You to Choose From

The Flat-Top Conference Table

This is the most commonly used variant of conference tables. Primarily because they have a minimalist design and they are at the entry point of most office managers’ budgets. The idea behind using this table is to simply get the job done when it comes to choosing a conference table. 2019 Trending Conference Table Ideas Future of Work

If you are very sure, that only a certain type of meetings will be conducted in the conference room, such as boardroom meetings or conference calls, you can choose to go for this alternative. Among the other options, they happen to be the most cost-effective conference table variants. 

The Height-Adjustable Conference Table

Yes. You read that right. The height-adjustable feature has actively seeped into conference room furniture as well. It is not easy to just sit in a conference room and work for hours, without feeling the pressure on your backbone and neck. 2019 Trending Conference Table Ideas Future of Work

Conducting meetings while you are standing will have the same effect on your health, that working while standing would. You will be able to work while taking care of your health. If you have decided to have height-adjustable workstations in your office, it will be worth your time to think about height adjustable conference tables as well. 

The Socket Enabled the Conference Table

If the need profile of your ideal conference table goes across boardroom meetings, presentations and conference calls – it will make a ton of sense to go for these socket enabled tables. 2019 Trending Conference Table Ideas Future of Work

These tables have a common point that is connected to a power source in the office. They also carry sockets on their surface which can be used to charge laptops or plugin projectors or conference spider phones whenever necessary. 

In Conclusion

All the variants that you see will be some variant of these three types. Depending on what is your need, you may want to customize the design of the conference table in order to get the best of both the worlds. At the same time, if you are very clear about the requirements of your business, you should go for a very specific design that meets your need profile. 2019 Trending Conference Table Ideas Future of Work

We have been helping businesses get the best conference tables for their operations. We understand the complexity of the process and the usual constraints that most businesses face. Hence, we offer you a free office design and planning consultation session. Get in touch with our team, today!

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