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People who have never run a business like to believe that middle management is often slow to respond to business needs. Because they don’t have an incentive to change and they don’t have a ‘vision’, they will not allow things to be changed. The actual problem is usually from the top management – they are the ones who wield the authority and sometimes, they can be out of touch with the office’s ground needs.

Now, if you have been online for even a few minutes, you would’ve already figured out that a standing desk is not just a fad – they are here to stay because they fulfil a very genuine need. They help you stay productive without posing a risk on your health. The only problem is that a standing desk is a pretty recent invention. Thus, most offices don’t have a standing desk. Hence, the only way to get them – would be by replacing the existing furniture in place. Convince Upper Management to Invest in Standing Desk Future of Work

This is where the problem begins. You might have to reach out to your line manager, followed by her line manager, followed by her line manager and if things go right – someone from the upper management would respond. This may take weeks or months and that would be a tremendous loss of productivity. Want to have a sure shot plan for convincing the upper management?

Here’s How To Do It

A Standing Desk Is Not An Upgrade to Office Furniture. It Is a Tool for Enhancing Productivity

No one really wants to invest in things that don’t fetch direct and tangible results. Hence, if you are posing standing desks as a furniture upgrade platform – you will never get past your line manager. You have to develop a use case around standing desks and then present it as an opportunity to enhance the productivity of your teammates. Convince Upper Management to Invest in Standing Desk Future of Work

Here’s how you can do it – form a memo that starts as a pitch for enhancing the bottom line or top line of the business. Both the top line and the bottom line are functions of productivity, so you will not be in troubled waters. Then, slowly start showing the costs associated with not having standing desks:

  • Lost productive hours due to employees who are absent because of their health issues.
  • Employee fatigue that results in lower productivity over long periods of time.
  • Increased manager oversight required to keep the productivity levels consistent. 
  • Replacement costs – since the health risks posed by sitting for long hours are severe.

Depending on the revenues and the employee productivity’s impact on it, you can give estimated numbers on all these four fronts. Once you have stated the problem – then comes the time for the solution.

Sales Are About Showing the Features and Benefits of A Standing Desk

The upper management will not want you to talk about standing desks and their features. They are running short on time and hence are interested in the specific benefits they will get from these desks. That is what you have to help them visualize. Convince Upper Management to Invest in Standing Desk Future of Work

The feature of a standing desk is simple – it makes you stand while you are working. But how does it benefit the business? It pushes the employees to be physically active without hampering their focus on their work.

Within weeks, employees will feel free from fatigue, may lose excess weight and hence will have a greater degree of focus while working. Tell them about the concept of a runner’s high and how exercising leads to better clarity of thought.

Finally – find every reason they can say ‘no’ and get rid of it

Most probably, there will be some resistance. The thing about upper management is that they usually have some strong reason for resisting. If you can help them grow their business, they will not mind changing things inside out. Convince Upper Management to Invest in Standing Desk Future of Work

The most common reason for refuting this idea can be – we are having a weak year; let’s talk about it next year. This is the time where you have to stress on the standing desks being capital investments in the business.

They will help the company reap in the benefits of incremental productivity when it needs it the most. When the business cycle turns around next year, the company will have a year’s worth of data to see whether it should have more standing desks or not. 

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If you are still facing resistance – get them to agree on having one standing desk. Track the productivity of this one employee and the data will speak for itself.

In Conclusion

Making the top management agree with you is only one part of the deal. You still have to figure out how to install the right furniture in the right manner. Don’t worry. Give us a call and we will give you a free interior planning consultation session to help you navigate every office furniture problem you have.

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