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During the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to design an office that’s fit for my workers. I asked every member of my team to highlight as many issues as possible that might hinder them when undertaking their duties. One of the most common complaints I received related to distractions from other employees. That meant I had to conduct a lot of research into the best solutions available, and I wasted a shedload of money before I came across the Motion Zip products produced by Motion Office. They come in a range of different sizes to suit any office or workplace, and the units are perfect for businesses like mine.

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msol32-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Zip Focus Motion Office Reviews

Each Motion Zip work pod provides a desk and an enclosure for employees, so they don’t have too much trouble concentrating in the busy work environment. Sometimes everyone needs some peace and quiet to think, and these products cut the mustard more than anything else I’ve tried recently. They’re also perfect for anyone who needs to save space because even the smallest units accommodate two workers in the same area most bosses would allocate to a single team member.

The fabric that covers the work pods acts as a noise blocker, and while the enclosures have an open back for access, the design works well. Over the course of a week, my employees managed to complete almost 10% more tasks than they would have otherwise done. That means my profits are guaranteed to increase in the long run, and so the investment was well worth the money.

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I chose to purchase Motion Zip units with solid beech desks, but there are other options available depending on the style or theme of the office. The fabric also comes with a range of different options, and so there is at least one variation that’s guaranteed to suit any environment or office design.

Motion Office delivered the products within a few days after I placed my orders, and I asked my employees to set them up straight away. The construction didn’t take long, and the process was straightforward without requiring any extra tools. Anyone can purchase the pods for their workforce, regardless of size, and bosses can even join the units together to create something much bigger than any individual product supplied by the manufacturer. When it comes to creating an element of privacy and blocking all that background noise, I couldn’t find anything better on the market (and believe me; I spend a LONG time looking.)

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msol36-ice-top-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Zip Focus Motion Office Reviews

During the next few months, I plan to get in touch with Motion Office and get a few more of the pods as I intend to move to new premises and expand. By my workings, the investment will pay for itself in only a few days when I consider the boost in productivity and earnings. So, I just wanted to thank the innovators for coming up with such a fantastic concept that has improved conditions in my office beyond all recognition. Cheers!

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