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The age of the workplace that keeps team member relegated to specific spaces is finally over. While the era of the cubicle crush was terrible for collaboration and a happy, engaged workforce, there were problems that the entirely open office plan created too, namely a lack of privacy. The Motion Wing allows you be flexible with your space, creating as much privacy or openness as you like depending on your needs at the time.

mwng1-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wing Focus Motion Office Reviews Seating
mwng1-ice-back-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wing Focus Motion Office Reviews Seating

Privacy with a difference

Despite the fact that a team has to be able to communicate well to share ideas and collaborate on the large projects that make the majority of office work nowadays, there are still times when you need privacy. The Motion Wing allows you to create that privacy thanks to those high acoustic wings and screens at the back. The single-seating option creates a comfortable amount of personal space with great back support to allow you to tackle those important solo missions without any aches. There’s also a two-seater option for when a person needs the assistance of a teammate or where a project manager is helping one of their colleagues solve an issue or complete a process together.

Privacy with an option

What’s more, the Motion Wing doesn’t necessarily have to close you off as a cubicle would. The front of the Wing is entirely open, allowing you to place a table in front of it to serve as the workstation. But this also means they’re perfectly suited to creating meeting and collaboration spaces together. The Wings are small enough to be easily arranged with the open fronts allowing for communication between different units without obstruction. The dynamic shape of the wings on either side means that positioning them at an angle to one another won’t limit communication. At the same time, those high acoustic screens can create a shield against outside distraction and noise. It keeps the attention of the employee focused in amongst the team and away from what’s happening outside that space.

mwng2-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wing Focus Motion Office Reviews Seating
mwng2-ice-back-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wing Focus Motion Office Reviews Seating

The building blocks of the office you need

Because of how easily arranged they are, Wings are perfect for creating solo working environments or team spaces. As small as they are, they can be tucked out of the way without too much effort, too. This means that you don’t need a whole meeting room, you can save space by just using a few Wings when you need them.

They also come in a variety of colors for the different portions, fitting the aesthetic of your office and adding a modern twist thanks to their unique, bold profile. MotionOffice furniture is highly customizable, so take a look at the options available and choose those that best fit your workspace.

The Motion Wing allows a much more flexible approach to how the team gets their work done. Gone is the cubicle crush, thanks to the open front that allows you to easily create collaborative spaces. Gone is the distraction nature of the entirely open office thanks to acoustic wings and high back panels. You can arrange your workspace when you want, creating the workspace that you want.

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