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It’s often difficult as a business owner to keep my workers on task when there are a lot of visual and acoustic distractions in my office. Sometimes I have to walk from employee to employee when passing information, and that often required a conversation or two. The problem is that other workers nearby complain they can’t concentrate as much as they’d like because they can hear my voice bellowing in their ears. With that in mind, I searched online for a solution, and that led me to find the Motion Wave products from Motion Office. During the last couple of weeks, those items have helped to turn things around, and now all my employees manage to focus when performing their duties.

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The best thing about the Motion Wave work pods is that they provide some privacy without cutting my employees off from their colleagues. The workstations come with desks attached, and they come in a couple of different styles. I chose a lacquered white finish because that suited the other furniture in my office. However, I think the company also sends them out in a solid beech finish. So, it all comes down to the needs and requirements of the individual firm. The exterior and interior of the work pods use fabric that comes in lots of different variations too. I went for Chilli Red because again, it suits the other items in the room.

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Unbeknown to me at the time of purchase, it’s possible to join the work pods together by placing them end to end. However, Motion Office also offers the product as one, two, or three workstations combined. So, I suppose it’s just a case of working out which option is the most viable financially. That’s something I’m going to work out during the next couple of weeks because my employees made me promise to invest in more.

The Motion Wave products don’t create silence for the worker, but they do give them enough privacy to ensure they can complete their projects in a timely fashion without disturbing anyone else too much. Also, they’re excellent products for teams of employees who need to work together because they fit perfectly next to each other. The units also come with wheels attached, so moving them around the office isn’t going to break anyone’s back – and that’s obviously a bonus.

msol22-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wave Focus Reviews
msol24-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wave Focus Reviews
msol26-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wave Focus Reviews
msol26-ice-top-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Wave Focus Reviews

Are there other items on the market that perform the same job? Not really. While some office partition walls can create an element of privacy, they don’t tend to work as most business owners would expect. The innovative designs created by Motion Office use science to deflect sound and guarantee the individuals has the best chance of producing work to the highest of standards. I see Motion Wave work pods as an essential investment that will pay for itself in the long run. When all’s said and done, if all my staff members experience a boost in productivity, I might even cover the purchase cost in extra profits within a single week.

Motion Wave work pod rating: 9/10 (I’d say 10/10, but we don’t want the designers to become lazy when they create the next generation of the product)


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