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So what’s the worst thing about working in a modern office these days? Most people would say it’s attempting to remain focused on a task when there are lots of colleagues walking around and causing distractions. Indeed, estimates suggest that issues like that can reduce productivity to a point where companies lose thousands each year. Considering that, I was thrilled to discover the new Motion Shell work pods online, and I had to try them out at my office. This review will hopefully highlight all their pros and cons (not that there are many cons at all.)

msol42-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Shell Focus Reviews

The new work pods available from Motion Office are innovative and practical in their design. There are lots of different options available, but the two most important products come as single or double workstations that can provide privacy for one or more workers. The high walls help to ensure that visual distractions no longer affect the individual’s ability to perform their duties, and the fabric that covers the design assists when it comes to providing acoustic privacy. People in my office who used the item managed to increase their workloads from the first day and to be honest; their work also reached a higher standard that it would normally do due to the lack of distractions.

msol41-ice-back-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Shell Focus Reviews
msol41-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Shell Focus Reviews

Each unit comes with a worktop that buyers can get in lacquered white or solid beech depending on what works best within their office design. Business owners can also select many different styles of fabric for the work pods to ensure they don’t look out of place. Looking at the Motion Office website, it would seem some of the most popular choices include:

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It unquestionably makes sense for people to ensure they think long and hard about the style they select because the last thing anyone wants is for the products to appear unsightly or out of place.

The units provide an enclosed area where any employee can get some privacy and concentrate on their work, and they’re also mobile. That means bosses can slide them around the office and ensure they make the best use of the available space. Ten different employees used this item at my office, and I asked each of them to give their opinion after a few hours. Every single person I spoke to said the Motion Shells were the best tool they’ve ever encountered, and they asked me to purchase more of them during the next couple of months.

Luckily, the products fit together well, and so it’s possible to create a labyrinth of different mini-offices within the workspace if anyone chooses to follow my approach and order a whole load of them. Will I recommend this product to all my business contacts who run their companies from medium and large sized offices? Almost certainly! In fact, I might have already mentioned it to a few of them over dinner. If entrepreneurs want to find something that will boost productivity in their workplaces without breaking the bank, they should look no further.

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