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Communication is essential to success in a modern business. It’s how we share resources, give feedback, get help, and tackle both the problems we face as individuals and the large collaborative projects. Sometimes, privacy is crucial to a productive conversation. However, if you want to create an office without borders, where the team works in the space that they need when they need it, rather than their personal “owned” space, where are you to find that privacy? You’re to find it in the Motion Ring

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No rooms necessary

The open-office was an attempt to get rid of the claustrophobic, productivity-sapping effect that rigid cubicle and office structures could have on employees. However, issues of privacy and distraction led to its downfall. Now, the modern office creates a mix of both. Openness when you need it and privacy when you need it thanks to Activity Based Working design. With a lack of private cubicles and rooms, the Motion Ring creates the perfect space to give you that privacy without having to work behind closed doors.  Tall two-way walls create exceptional acoustic privacy while shielding those inside from distracting exterior sounds and sights.

No chairs necessary

In a busy, flexible workplace, you want to keep conversations as productive and engaged as possible. You might not have time for a sit-down conversation. Or perhaps you’re like a growing number of business leaders who have discovered the power of the “stand-up meeting”. Stand-up meetings have a lot of benefits to participants. The average team meeting is a waste of time, failing to stick to the agenda. Stand-up meetings have been shown to be shorter by 25% on average compared to the other option. When they’re standing, people think on their feet, literally. They’re much more likely to keep the conversation on point. The dangers of sitting all day in the office are well known, too. The chair-less Ring helps people stretch their legs and quell the aches the modern office environment can contribute to all-too-easily.

Your office when you need it

The benefit of the Ring is that it allows you to create an instant private meeting spot without a need for an office. The closed space allows for privacy with a central desk providing the perfect place to sit a laptop, notebook, and other work materials. All this without having to set aside entirely separate rooms, the rounded design of the Ring meaning that it takes up much less space. It creates a private office for standing meetings even in a more open space. Without any doors, anyone can use it when it fits their purpose, but it’s not so large that it obstructs workflow when it’s not being used.

There are a variety of options to the Motion Ring to allow you to customize its color and the worktop of the desk as fits the offices aesthetic. Fit one in your modern Activity Based Working space and the privacy you need is just a few steps away without the need to dedicate much more physical room than necessary.


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