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The Motion Link freestanding and wall-mounted phone booths are a Godsend for business owners who run large and noisy offices. Nothing is worse than workers having to deal with background noise when they make important calls to customers and clients. Thankfully, the new Motion Link products put an end to that and provide employees with the privacy and quiet they require to give phone, and video calls their full attention. After using the products for a couple of weeks, the benefits become apparent as productivity increases, and the entire office environment improves.

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mlinkfs-ice-front-light-1200x900 Review of Motion Phonebooth Motion Office Reviews

The freestanding and wall-mounted designs come with a tabletop that’s perfect for placing laptops, tablets, and other devices during phone and video calls. That helps workers to ensure they have all the right information at their fingertips, and they don’t have to place anyone on hold or cause any delays. That’s also where most employers will put the telephone and any video calling equipment. Finishes come in either lacquered white or solid beech, and that means the booth will blend nicely into almost any office theme or design.

The exterior of the phone booth is covered in fabric that helps to block outside noise and stop the individual from causing disturbances. There are lots of different options available to suit any taste or style. Here is a full list of the variations from which business owners can select:

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The interior of the booth is also covered in fabric, and buyers can choose from the same list of options for the inside.

After using the products, it becomes apparent that they perform as advertised and offer all the benefits listed by the manufacturer. People using the product claim they have no issue hearing the phone or video calls, and it’s easy for another employee to assist by standing behind the caller. Also, those on the other end of the line say they get a crisp sound that’s almost unmatched when calling firms that don’t use privacy-boosting items of that nature.

The Motion Office website also makes it easy for anyone to get a quote for the product based on the types of fabric they require. Compared to other solutions on the market (and there aren’t many,) Motion Link phone booths offer superior protection from exterior noise while ensuring those on the phone don’t disturb their coworkers. It’s probably unwise to make predictions, but there is a decent chance all companies over a certain size will begin to take advantage of these fantastic products in the future.

If there are any downsides, the only one that comes to mind is that the Motion Link booths are probably a little too big for the smallest of offices out there. Of course, that doesn’t matter too much because business owners who only employ a few team members shouldn’t have to stress that much about background noise during video and phone calls.

Motion Link freestanding and wall-mounted phone booth rating: 9/10


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