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As a business owner, I spend a lot of time attending trade shows and exhibitions in the hope of attracting new clients and promoting my brand. During the planning stages, I like to make sure my stall is going to look as appealing as possible. That is why I always invest in professional graphics for my banners and lots of marketing materials. However, some of the people I meet like to ask questions and have a conversation, and that is why I wanted to find a portable solution that would enable me to sit down with them and discuss the issues they raise. The Motion Otto solved all my problems without emptying my accounts, and that’s why I felt the need to write this review.

Looking at the Motion Office website, it would seem the company provides lots of different products that could come in handy for people in my position. For that reason, I plan to browse the site properly and check out some of their word pod solutions during the next couple of weeks when I have some spare time. I think they could help to boost productivity within my office and provide my employees with some much-needed privacy so they can concentrate. However, I’m writing about the Motion Otto today.

motto-bumblebee-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Otto Motion Office Reviews Seating

The best thing about the product is that it’s lightweight, and it comes with casters on the bottom, so it’s easy to move from place to place. So, I can transport them to and from trade shows without having to take a bodybuilder along for the trip. The design of the Otto is perfect for creating seating clusters quickly in almost any environment, and so it’s ideal for my requirements. Still, it’s important to note that these products would also work well in reception areas or anywhere else someone might want to sit down with others for a few minutes in a hurry.

motto-standard-table-1200x900 Review of Motion Otto Motion Office Reviews Seating

Buyers can select from different fabric styles for both the top and the side of the products. That means it’s possible to get something that is going to fit in well with other branded items on exhibition stands. All I have to do is take a small table along to the events, and I’m ready to go. Also, as the Motion Otto is small, fitting a few of them in my van didn’t cause any hassle at all. I might have even used one when sat in the car park outside the venue because I arrived early (it’s a habit, maybe I have anxiety?)

Compared to other Ottoman-style seating products available from other retailers, this product competes well on price. It also seems a little more sturdy than anything else I’ve tried in recent months. Will I invest in more Motion Otto’s in the future? Most definitely! As soon as the ones I have at the moment get damaged or show signs of wear, I’m straight back over at their website buying more. That said, I’ll probably place some orders before then because I love the sound of those work pods I mentioned earlier.

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