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Smart managers and business owners know to do away with the constraints of old office design. The trend is moving in a direction of Activity Based Working, in which where you work isn’t determined by why “your” desk or where “your” office is. Rather, the workplace you need is provided when you need it through flexible arrangements of furniture and different zones. However, being too open with this kind of design can result in a lack of privacy. As much as you need quiet booths for solo work and open spaces for easy communication, sometimes you need the right zone to fit private conversations, meetings, and team-based work. To that end, the Motion Meeting can be the solution that your business needs.

For your ears only

The Meeting allows you to create a private space anywhere in an office without the need for dedicating a whole room to the purpose. This is done through high-quality booth walls that provide great acoustic privacy, wrapping around comfortable, supportive seats large enough to support four people in one booth. They’re open enough for you to easily access, but closed enough to keep meetings quiet and stop distracting noise from the outside. There’s a square desk in the middle that provides space for two laptops and notebooks, as well as space for essential documents and the ever-important coffee cups. The central wall of the Meeting can be the perfect place to put up a monitor for sharing visual information and resources to all current inhabitants, too. This can make it an excellent place for a small team to brainstorm the details of a challenge or for a project leader to sit down with other management figures for a recap.

Wowing your clients

mcapmt4-ice-top-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Meeting Collaboration Focus Motion Office Reviews  If you invite clients and partners into your clients, then you know that a well-designed office space can be just as impressive to them as it can be to your colleagues. Showing off the aesthetic, the brand, the collaborative and effective environment can be the perfect way to demonstrate your professionalism. The Meeting can provide you a space that allows you to discuss confidential matters without any worry from your clients that it will leave those four walls. At the same time, it’s open enough to give them a view out to the rest of the office, further exemplifying the efficiency and focus of your work methods. It’s not just an effective place to deliver pitches and discuss their needs. It’s also an effective tool for convincing them to go with you.

Privacy in the open

The Meeting can save you a lot of space. Rather than having to dedicate an entire room to creating the private and focused workplace you need, you can easily fit these in the average office without taking up too much space. Colors and worktops can be customized to fit the look of the rest of the office, too.

Don’t build walls to create your private meeting places. With a Motion Meeting, you can get the perfect place for brainstorming, meetings, and client pitches right out there in the open.


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