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In the modern workspace, workplace presentations are a big part of the business. Good employers and managers know that they need their team to be engaged and communicative to ensure not only that information is given and received loud and clear. A good presentation should be the beginning of a conversation, not the whole of it. But lining desks from the front of the room to be back isn’t the best way to place your listeners. Some are going to be further from the message and more likely to tune out. The Motion Expo creates the perfect presentation space, making it easier to hold the whole team’s interest.mlpexpo-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Expo Collaboration Motion Office Reviews Seating

Closer together

Good proximity to the speaker/presenter is necessary for you to be able to reach the whole team with the message. The Expo takes the approach of offering that proximity to more people by bringing them closer together. However, it manages to do this without packing them all in one cramped little space. It does this by creating two different tiers.  There’s an expansive curved seat at the bottom that can seat some of the team, then there’s a worktop that ends from the back of those seats. Other members of the team can pull chairs under them to join in the conversation.

mlpexpo-ice-back-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Expo Collaboration Motion Office Reviews Seating

During a presentation, some people are going to want to take notes, record their thoughts and queries, or even record it. The worktop is designed to allow space for laptops and notebooks for just that reason. The curvature of the bottom seat also makes it perfect for place one or two tables in front of those on their lower tier for the same purpose. The seats on the bottom tier are low enough that those sitting on it don’t get in the way of those sitting at the top tier, too.

A room without walls

A little privacy might be needed to make sure that your presentation is given and understood without interruption and distraction. To that end, the Motion Expo is built with screens that help cut a clear, defined shape. Not only do they allow for some soundproofing for the listeners, but it creates a “presentation area” space without having to choose an entire room for it. The wide, comfortable seating also makes for a setting that’s not as abrasive as setting up rows of desks.

Fit to your workplace

As with all Motion furniture, the Expo comes with a variety of configurations to fit your workspace. There is a range of different colors that can match your aesthetic, as well as a choice between solid beech and lacquered white surfaces for the worktop.

Engaging your team is the most important part of holding any presentation, and the Motion Expo allows you to do that by making sure that no one person is any further from the speaker/presenter than the others. It creates a collaborative, comfortable space suited to at least ten people at once. Moreover, it does so without having to use an entire extra room, making it a more efficient way to hold presentations, showcases, and team meetings.


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