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MotionOffice provides office furniture options for the modern workspace. This is the workspace that does away with the old notion of individual employees having individual spaces they have to work in. Rather, it’s about finding the right space for you in the moment based on your needs. In a busy work environment, sometimes a little acoustic privacy is needed just to give you the time to hunker down and focus on those time-intensive tasks. The Motion Cape is designed precisely for those moments.mcap1-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Cape Motion Office Reviews Seating

Your port in the storm

Setting specific cubicles for your workers is not conducive to a happy, engaged workforce or company culture. That’s well known by now. However, it’s been found that wide open spaces with very few partitions to rely on can be just as bad for focus and productivity. The Cape offers a space with comfortable seating and high-acoustic walls that take up very little room, perfect for those who just need a quiet moment to put all their focus on a task and to finish it quickly and without interruption.mcap2-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Cape Motion Office Reviews Seating

Works better for pairs, too

Sometimes you’re not tackling a task alone, too. The Motion Cape 1 variety is perfectly suited to workers going solo, but the Motion Cape 2 is big enough to comfortably seat two people in the same booth. This is great for project leads sitting down with a member of a team to hash out a problem together. Motion’s value for high-comfort, high-comfort working environments is on full display here. Back cushions provide perfect support for those moments where you need focus more than anything else.

Create the space you want

Motion Capes are small and light enough to be positioned where you want when you want them. When they’re not in use, you can tuck them away in the corner with little issue. However, they’re also great for creating meeting and collaborative workspaces. Their fronts are open, which means positioned facing one another, they’re great for feedback traveling from one booth to the other. Those high acoustic screens act exactly as intended even in that setup, however. You can create team spaces that are still free from interruption and noise from the outside that might otherwise distract the employees.

Fit to your office

As with all MotionOffice furniture, there’s a variety of different options for both varieties of Cape products. Choose from a variety of colors, worktop finishes, and fabrics for interiors, exteriors, seating, and cushions. The Cape won’t just fit your need for a private solo or meeting space, it can fit your brand aesthetic, too.

The Motion Cape 1 and Motion Cape 2 are perfect for creating the privacy and focus you might sometimes need in a highly communicative office. Whether it’s providing an individual space to allow solo workers to focus on the task at hand, or creating a meeting area free from distraction from the outside world, they’re fit for many purposes. As easy as they are to move and adjust, they can be arranged as you like.

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