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Your office isn’t just a place to put your employees and team members. It’s an asset to be used. Using it effectively and efficiently can result in a more productive, engaged and even a happier team. Good employers and managers have considered the right way to create the right work environment for a long time now. Split offices and cubicles separated workers too much, lowering motivation and team cohesion. On the other hand, spaces that were too open proved rife with distraction. The Arc 4 Walls allows you to create the best of both worlds while using minimal space.

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A meeting room without a room

In older models of workplaces, when you needed to have a meeting or to collaborate, you often had to move to an entirely different room. While this did create the partition often needed to work together in peace, it’s not a very efficient way of doing things. The Arc series creates a perfect teamwork and collaborative environment while using minimal space. There are varieties to seat up to 5 people offering long, comfortable seats that provide plenty of personal space. At the same time, the circular design of the arc is not just ergonomic, but space-saving too. Gone are the jutting corners, replaced by a much more minimalist design.

What a difference a wall makes

The difference between the Arc 4 and the Arc 4 Wall is, as you might have guessed, the walls. While the regular arc creates a great environment for teamwork, meetings, and collaborative progress, it might not have the privacy that a vital project entails. If your office is particularly busy, then the extra partition can be just what you need. They help keep the focus in amongst the arc instead of letting it slip outside. At the same time, they create an excellent acoustic barrier, providing a higher level of privacy. You can get the same amount of discretion in an open space that you might in a closed-door office. There are varying heights of walls, too, allowing you to choose the level that fits your needs precisely.

Moving walls

What’s more, as with all Motion office furniture, arrangement and mobility is the key. You don’t have to stick strictly to the definition that the Arc 4 Walls allow you alone. You can, for instance, move other Arc units without central tables around them to offer more seats for more team members. You can create an open center between three Arc 4 Walls to create an area that serves as a project hub. You can even move something smaller like a Motion Cape or a Motion Wing to the open space of the Arc when you just want to invite one more team member.

mlporb4w2000-ice-front-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Arc 4 Walls Focus Motion Office Reviews Seating
mlporb4w1400-ice-top-setting-1200x900 Review of Motion Arc 4 Walls Focus Motion Office Reviews Seating

All MotionOffice furniture comes with a variety of options to help suit not just your needs but the look of the workplace. The Arc allows you to create a private meeting space whenever you want without having to take up an entire room for it. Perfect for the modern business owner or manager who wants an efficient, communicative, and private office all at once.  


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