Reception Furniture | Buying Guide and Expert’s Reviews

Most office managers, while planning the office furniture, have their eyes on the main working area and the executive cabins. If the office has adapted an open office working plan, the office manager’s planning reduces to an even lesser area. Hence, there is no surprise in guessing that many a time, the reception furniture gets ignored. 

Are you wondering whether you should pay attention to the reception furniture? Planning for Office Guest Seating Future of Work

Here are some viewpoints that will help you know better:

  • Whenever a new visitor, whether it’s a client, or a new job applicant, visits your office, he is looking at your reception furniture. And trying to form an image of your office in his head. Good furniture will make him believe that your business is in a very healthy state. And unkempt or passively planned furniture will make him think otherwise.
  • When your employees visit the office, the first thing they get to see is the reception furniture. While this may not directly impact their workday, their brains will definitely feel better if they see good furniture right at the reception. This is because well planned, aesthetically pleasing furniture will show them that they are working for a healthy business.
  • Finally, when your employees will have their family or friends visiting them at work, they would want to ‘show-off’ their office. This may not have a direct impact on your business but this is one implicit area where good reception furniture contributes to employee morale. 

In short, office furniture has a good amount of value addition to offer, if it is well planned. Now comes the question of how to plan for getting the best possible reception furniture.

Here is a Guide You Can Use

Make sure the Aesthetics Are in Line with Your Office Interiors

The idea is to give the visitor a glimpse of what does it feel to work for your company. If you have the reception furniture planned at the time of the new office furniture purchase, you will be able to put it all under the same theme. Planning for Office Guest Seating Future of Work

This unified approach also shows the employees that you take your corporate brand very seriously. 

Don’t Forget About the Comfort of Your Visitors

There is a high chance that the people visiting your office will be using the reception furniture as they wait for their meeting. During this time, they should feel welcomed and comfortable. Planning for Office Guest Seating Future of Work

Hence, everything from the couches to the tables should be comfortable for your visitors.

Think About all the Types of Furniture You Will Need at the Guest Seating Area

Traditionally, you might have seen only two or three pieces of furniture in the guest seating area – the reception desk, a couch, and a table. In reality, there is much more you can do with this area. Planning for Office Guest Seating Future of Work

You can have a visitor’s storage system and a special seating lounge for people to wait in comfort. 

In Conclusion

Setting up the reception furniture in the right way can be of immense help to your business in the long run. It helps you build a stellar corporate brand while ensuring that your employees feel welcomed whenever they are entering the workplace. This is the reason why we love helping businesses that are looking for reception furniture.

Get in touch with our team and get your free office planning and interior designing consultation today! 

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