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Decorating your reception area? Looking for fresh ideas or refurbishment tips?

With reception areas – first impressions count. Just as a retail or dining establishment conveys a certain “vibe”, an office also has to communicate your company’s brand. With your reception area, this is the first thing your potential customers and employees see. You should therefore think hard about what you want your reception space to say about your business.

Here are some tips to make your reception area more inviting and leave a lasting impression.

1. Colours

With the choice of colours it can always be tricky and depend on the industry you are in and your brand. However, a neutral colour palette such as white, beige, cream, greyish blue, etc… will reflect light and open up space. If you want a more fresh, modern look and make your reception space look brighter and bigger, these are the types of colours you should choose.

2. Wall Decor and Paintings

Attractive wall decor and paintings can make your space seem cosier, brighter and more inviting to visiting clients or employees. What you choose will depend on your branding and culture. For example, architecture firms may display beautiful images of projects or inspiring buildings.

3. Plants

Plants are proven to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. Plants have a positive subconscious effect on the human psyche: they make people feel good.

4. Reception desks

Choose straight, curved or corner reception desks, depending on your space or preferred design style. Make sure it fits with the overall design and feel of your office space.

AxisReceptionLayout Reception Area Furniture Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work
Modern Corner Reception Desk Counter

5. Reception Area Seating Chairs & Sofas

Again, look at furniture that will be function yet at the same maximise space. Here are some examples:

Metropol_TwoSeater_PU Reception Area Furniture Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work
  Metropol Reception Area Furniture Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work

6. Storage & Display

De-clutter your reception area and display your magazines, brochures etc to visitors in a much more modern way. Take a look at some of these ideas:

reception-waiting-furniture Reception Area Furniture Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work

Reception Area Design Specialists

If you would like to improve the look of your reception area, or if you are looking for open office plan layout ideas email us or Call us on 1300 613 710 today.

Urban Hyve specialises in modern office furniture and reception area design. With our Free Measure & Quote
service, our Consultants will draw up floor layouts for you and give
you practical advice for your office, such as the correct seating spaces
per room as well as adequate lighting for each employee.

At UrbanHyve, our goal is to help our clients improve their office aesthetics, design spaces that foster inter-staff relationships and most importantly, deliver work spaces that reflect your company’s brand and values.

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