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Perfect to light up creative workspaces, this is a unique collection of metallic earthenware pendant lamps designed by the leading Australian Designer, Ross Gardam. It is his newest addition to the family of earthen pendant lights.

If the Ross Gardam collection were to be described in three words, it would most certainly be creative, sleek and modern. You can hardly find these types of lighting solutions anywhere else.

The Glaze Metallic collection features 2 new ultra-modern and bold finishes that takes lighting solutions to a whole new level. And that is not an overstatement! The beauty of these pendant lamps lies in the fact that they are hand crafted. These lamps boast unique texture and in terms of appearance we’d say these are super-stylish.

Glazed-lights-from-a-distance Product Review: Futuristic Lighting of Ross Gardam Reviews  Its gold Glaze has a crackle on the surface while the silver has a smooth surface. The sleek black canopy shadow-line is particularly incorporated in the design to suit a 2m standard of black cloth hanging cable. It comes with a dimmable 11w LED globe which provides you the power to adjust the lighting according to your needs.

These pendant lamps are truly one of a kind and make a strong style statement. They hang beautifully and look even more gorgeous when lit. The unique design of these lamps is hard to miss. They are bound to grab attention of anyone who enters your office. Let’s just say they can never go unnoticed and many times, they might be even conversation starters.

These lamps not only look impressive and jaw-dropping, but at the same time, are highly functional. The brightness of these lamps can light up your workspace perfectly.

If you have a creative nature of work, then these lamps are a must-have. These lamps clamour creativity and may even serve as an inspiration leading to great work ideas. Plus, you can easily use these lamps to adjust the lighting of the room as needed. For example, if you want to create a relaxing environment and unwind after a long day or simply want to recharge and then get back to work, you can dim the lights as per your requirements.

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