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Node Chair by Steelcase – The Easily Maneuverable Chair for Modern Workplaces and Schools

Remember the times when the school chairs used to be nothing better than a hard seat with a wooden back and steel legs? If, you belong to the ‘old school’ then a glance the Node chair by Steelcase would surely make you want to go back to high school again.

The Node by Steelcase is a new generation chair designed to cater for mobility, flexibility, easy transition and collaboration. It’s not only suitable for the class rooms or libraries but are absolutely fitting for workplaces where an informal discussion, quick brainstorming and impromptu conversation about the projects are included in the daily routine.

This chair on wheels is mobile and can be easily rolled to any corner of the room. It has a tripod base with a ring, intended for resting the legs. Space under the chair can also be utilized to keep some knick knacks that may come handy during the work hours. The broad, bucket seat is comfortable even if you sit for long hours.

The working desk surface is available for the right handed as well as the left handed people and that’s a really impressive feature of this innovative chair. The open design of the seat allows easy access and the elbow perches or arms are great for hanging a bag.

Styled to meet modern requirements, the mobile base with wheels is offered for carpeted as well as hard floors. So whether a workplace has marble, tiles or carpets laid out on the floor, the Node is unstoppable! The chair can be pushed back and forth to create small teams in the meeting room for different project activities. They easily fit in different workplace layout and are light in weight.

Sturdy enough, the chair can support up to 300 lbs. The base, seat shell and the work surface (optional) can be quickly put together in just about a minute and there is no requirement of any tools too!

It comes in a wide variety of shell colours and three base colours in shades of grey. Using these chairs in the class room or the office setup ensures minimal body contact with others.

What we like best about the Node chair is its laptop friendly work table top. The 22×12 inch plastic surface can easily accommodate a regular laptop and still save some space for a note book and pens, which just might come handy. The plastic molded chair seat is comfortable even without upholstery, which surely means easy maintenance and less chances of wear and tear.

It is unique and easily maneuverable and has all the features either the classroom or the collaborative offices could ask for.

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