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In the average office, there are probably a dozen different office tables that you need as either work surfaces or for storage. Take for instance the humble conference room.

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It’s where you hold work meetings, it’s where you meet with investors and it’s where you hold your office parties.

However, that conference table & boardroom Tables needs to be big, it needs to have plenty of accessories like storage and power sockets and it also needs to match the rest of your office.

Similarly, it’s important to get a cohesive theme of office decor so that colours don’t clash and your employees actually enjoy working in your office instead of feeling dissatisfied.

In addition, it’s important to worry about the wellbeing and health of your employees by offering them versatile seating and desk options so they can work how they want to.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about a couple of important office table choices so that you can make the perfect workplace that fosters productivity, trust and positive office culture.

Tables / Desks for Your Employees

If you want your employees to be productive members of the workforce then it’s vital you give them a working surface that fits their need.

This means offering them a height adjustable table that they can use both standing and sitting, and it should ideally be powered by a motor so that they can change from one working mode to another at will.

This will ensure that they can work at the height they find most comfortable while also helping to reduce back pain, neck strain and repetitive strain injury.

If you’re going to show your employees that you care about their wellbeing, then investing in good furniture is a great way to display your intent.

Tables /Desks for Regular Office Use

If you just need a few desks to store documents and use as an extension of an existing desk then coffee tables and mobile tables are fantastic options.

These are smaller, lighter and often easy to move around at will. This makes them perfect for a variety of situations such as having a desk for important papers or using a mobile table to cart around office supplies to various departments.

Tables for Boardroom / Conference Use

A desk for conference use should ideally seat a dozen or more people and it should have plugs built into it that offer power, charging capabilities and networking.

This is because, during a meeting, you often need to access the internet and your device so that you can participate in the meeting.

Without these basic functions, your investors will find it difficult to share or talk about figures and other information which is important to your success.

If you’re looking for custom shape and size boardroom / conference tables then our design team will be able to listen to your requirements and craft a sturdy conference table to your exact specifications.

Flexible Office Tables

There are times when you may need a mobile flip top table that can fill a variety of purposes.

This is especially useful if you’re working in a small office or occasionally have a need to extend tables, such as during parties, meetings or demonstrations.

Since they’re useful in a variety of situations, we can even recommend them as part of your home office furniture.

Our flexible table range is vast and you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and the space that you’re going to fill with it.

We’ve touched on the most basic and most-used types of office tables, but how exactly can Urban Hyve help with finding the right office tables to fit your workplace?

Professional Design and Colour Scheme

Urban Hyve understands just how challenging it can be to find the right office furniture to match your existing office theme, which is why the majority of our products are offered in a range of different colour schemes and we also offer design consultations to help you choose the right colours, patterns and general furniture to make your office look stunning.

By matching your existing colour and theme, we can drastically improve the rest of your office and leave it with a professional colour scheme.

We even offer our desks and tables in a variety of sizes to make sure that you’re getting just enough for the uses you have planned.

We have smaller office tables with ample amounts of storage and we have large tables which offer a larger working surface. So whatever you need, we’ve got a solution for you.

No matter what table you choose from us, we offer warranty and returns services so that if your table was ever to be damaged in transit or by us, then we’re more than happy to replace it for you.

We’re constantly adding to our huge collection of office furniture at Urban Hyve so even if we don’t have something you need right now, you can always contact us to see if we’ll have it in stock soon or if we can custom-make a table for your exact needs,

About Urban Hyve

Urban Hyve has been in the business of offering speciality furniture for several years now. From custom-made conference tables to small portable work desks, we stock a large range of pre-made desks that are ready to be delivered to your workplace or home office.

In addition, we also offer a consultation service to help you get the perfect office design for your needs. Whether it’s colour coordination or making sure each of your employees has ample space to work with, we take everything into consideration.

Our delivery and installations are Australia-wide including locations like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra. We offer an extended warranty on our products to offer you peace of mind when you purchase from us.

So if you want to learn more about our office tables, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help. Alternatively, you can simply place an order and we’ll get it sent to you as quickly as possible.

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