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One of the most crucial aspects of buying office furniture is to come to an approximate budget, that will indicate the management team the ballpark office furniture prices they should be ready to pay.

For most office managers as well as entrepreneurs, this is not an easy task, since they are not used to buying new office furniture day in and day out.

Plus, it is not easy to get an understanding of office furniture price, unless you are in the business.

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ball park office furniture prices in Australia

That said, you can get a broad idea to extrapolate an approximate cost of setting up a basic office.

Here are the price ranges for businesses planning to buy office furniture in Australia

Prices for Ergonomic Office Chairs in Australia: $150 – $350

A common query of office managers is to understand the office chair cost. Usually, office managers tend to focus only on budget, instead of thinking about the comfort levels of the employees and the productivity boost that will provide the business.

Generally, the cost of an office chair is highly dependent on:

  • The material of the chair. The thumb-rule is that leather chairs are the most expensive ones. You should consider mesh chairs as a smart alternative.
  • Features of the chair: Whether the chair has hydraulic height adjustment, revolving seat, movable wheels, adjustable armrest, adjustable backrest and so on – will decide the price of the chair.
  • Warranty of Ofice Chairs.
  • The seller you are buying it all from.

As it goes without saying, if you are going for an exclusive material with a lot of features, the price per unit will go up.

At the same time, the number of chairs you are buying will also decide to a large extent, what price is quoted from your seller.

If you are going for a basic model, you can expect the price range between $120 to $250 apiece.

Prices for Office desks and Pedestals: $500 to $100.

The actual price you pay for the office desk will be highly dependent on one key factor – is it height adjustable or not. The prices start from $250

Now, economics would tell you that you should go for a cheaper desk with no height adjustment features.

That said, long term business sense will tell you that height-adjustable desks have increased productivity rates and thus, in several ways, they are able to pay for themselves.

Even between height adjustable office desks, you can choose from manual or electronic height adjustment mechanisms.

There are several options of office desks to choose from – straight, corner desks, I-shaped desks and so on. It is recommended that you start with a formal plan for the office floor and buy desks accordingly.

You can also choose to provide some under desk storage in the form of mobile pedestals. A mobile pedestal will cost you $170-$250, to begin with, assuming you are going for a standard 3-drawer one.

Boardroom Tables ($400 – $1500+) and Chairs ($150-$500+)

This is where you can use judgement to reduce costs. If you still don’t have investors lined up or don’t have a different business unit conducting quarterly meetings, you might not actually need a board-room table.

A board-room table will enhance productivity, only when it is regularly used for meetings either conducted by teams or by the business managers with the board of directors. A board room table will cost you at least $400.

Since the average price range of a board-room table is a bit steep, you can be judicious and decide whether you need a boardroom table right away.

In addition to a boardroom table, you will need a few executive chairs/boardroom chairs. Assuming you will put ten chairs in place, you can expect to spend at least $300 on each executive chair and prices start from $150 for a regular boardroom chair.

Prices for Filing Cabinets in Australia: $350 to $1000.

Irrespective of what amount of cloud storage facility you have access to or how modernized your business is, it is highly recommended that you buy a few filing cabinets to keep physical copies handy.

A filing cabinet will help you keep the most essential documents of your business handy. If you are in a service business, it is almost always recommended that you get a filing cabinet.

How much you spend on the filing cabinet, will depend largely on the capacity you have opted for. If you choose to have a standard 4-drawer filing cabinet, or it is metal or MDF will cost you approximately $350 apiece to start with.

Prices for Training Room Furniture in Australia: $500 – $1500.

Essentially, this is the room where all the creativity will take place. Whether it is the idea for a new campaign or product, or whether it is a room for training and strategic review – this place will add tremendous value to your business.

Setting it up would be a step-by-step process. First, you will need a whiteboard. A standard mobile whiteboard will cost start at a price tag of $125. Further, you will need another set of chairs. Here, you can go for your standard set of chairs or opt for a more cost-efficient set of waiting area chairs or stackable chairs, that will cost at the minimum $100 apiece.

Furthermore, you will need something where you can display information in an interactive manner. A pinboard can be of great help for this. You can add a few corkboards ($100+) or pinboards ($200+) for the same.

  • Prices for Training Tables start from $350
  • Costs for Training room chairs start from $125
  • Whiteboards Costs in Australia start from $80

These prices are broad, indicative and geography agnostic. Usually, office furniture prices are dependent on where you are located and what quantity you are buying.

Fora team of around 10 people and are setting up an entirely new office in the CBD of a major city in Australia, you can expect to spend a little under $10,000 overall in setting up the office – including the delivery and installation.

Office furniture prices budgeting is not easy since it requires a tremendous amount of planning.

We provide you with a free office furniture consultation session, which will help you garner the right insights for your budget. Drop us a mail and our team will reach out to you!

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