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What does your boardroom say about your company’s brand, vision or corporate values?

If the answer is “not much”, it’s time to think about a re-design.

At UrbanHyve, we are always looking at new and modern ways in which to reinvigorate our clients office space and furniture. We understand the impact a well-thought out boardroom can have both on your employees and visitors impression of your business.

In helping you choose your look, here is our selection of modern boardroom furniture design ideas and examples.

Boardroom Tables

boardroom Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Adapt boardroom table with twin-legs

Funky_Boardroom_table Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Funky Boardroom Table GROOVE

Meeting Tables

boardroom-meeting-table Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Sleek & modern look with the White top, single leg

Here is another option for a sophisticated, yet modern and progressive look for the meeting or boardroom. We’ve used our single Modulus table leg with the Capisco saddle chair.

Capisco_meeting Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Adapt tables finished off with the funky Capisco chair


962.1280.1280 Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Mid back boardroom chair ‘Kingsley’ in White. Comes also in Black.

Rotafile Storage

Want a boardroom storage solution that enables more efficient storage?

Looking for a design that achieves a faultless, professional look that is also a practical option for any conference/boardroom room?

Check out our ‘Rotafile’ storage solution:

conference_room_storage Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Modern and attractive storage solution ‘Rotafile’

Wall space is precious in any office. This modern storage solution requires less floor space and wall space than standard shelving with the same storage capacity. The compact round storage system has castors as well, so it can be moved around effortlessly.

If your boardroom is stacked with files and folders, here is how you can save up to 70% more space and reduce clutter at the same time. 

rotafile-boardroom Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Save space and reduce clutter in your boardroom

Presentation Equipment

No look is complete without some presentation equipment. Here is a top of the range ultra short throw Epson wall-mounted projector. It has optional USB wireless connection so you can connect your laptop, Macbook or iPad.

wall-mounted-projector Modern Boardroom Furniture Design Ideas Future of Work
Wall mounted projector with iPad connectivity.

Giving Your Boardroom the ‘Wow’ Factor   

Impress your staff & visitors with a well designed boardroom that is reflective of your company’s brand, vision and corporate values. It’s important to always remember:

Quality – The quality of a piece of furniture is easy to spot and will speak worlds about your business. Be sure to decorate your boardroom with high quality furniture.

Layout – It should be easy to navigate around your room, and it must be welcoming from the moment a person steps in.

Size – Furnish your boardroom based on it’s size. Only use statement pieces in rooms large enough to accommodate the item comfortably.

Style – Choose furniture that reflect the values and qualities of your business.

At Urban Hyve, we are here to help you choose the right furniture for your office space. We can provide advice on the items to include in your office as well as provide advice on floor layout and design ideas.  For more information simply email us or call us on 1300 613 710 today and we’ll be happy to help give your boardroom the wow factor!

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4. Kingsley White Midback boardroom chair
5. Rotafile rotary boardroom storage
6. Epson wall-mounted projector


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