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Aesthetic office interior design that is both functional and appealing can motivate employees, improve productivity and add to profitability. Designing your office interior involves maximizing the use of limited office space while accommodating furniture, equipment and staff.

Your employees spend at least 8 hours of each day in your office. As the business owner, providing a well-lit and well-knit environment to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency becomes a top priority.

Using ergonomic furniture and workstations coupled with well-planned design ideas can make a significant contribution to employee welfare and motivation.

Simple office interior design ideas to reinvigorate your office

Group Layouts

One of the most popular ways of using your interior space efficiently is to use what is called a ‘group layout’. This involves grouping of workers performing the same function. For example, the accounts’ employees may be grouped in one place or the logistics team may be seated together.

Interior-Design1 Inspiring Office Interior Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work

Group layouts pave the way for better collaboration and faster communication leading to quicker results and less time-wastage. Group layouts often have employees’ desks facing each other to facilitate communication. Research indicates that facing the person you wish to converse with enhances communication and this is the reason that desks are often placed so as to face other employees of the same section.

The layout below is a great place for collaboration or brainstorming for example.

Interior-Design Inspiring Office Interior Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work

If you have employees who require seclusion while working (for example architects or programmers) you may want to place them away from other workers to minimize distractions.

The filing/secretarial section will have filing cabinets, photocopiers and fax machines within reach as they need constant access to their equipment. Group layouts for office interior design involve the grouping together of employees and equipment related to performing the same job.

The most common formations for group layouts are linear formats or U-shaped layouts.

Process layouts

The other type of office layout is called a process layout. This is the arrangement of furniture, equipment and employees in a sequential format. For example, the sales section workers will be followed by the accounts department or the filing section could be followed by the despatch section.

Interior-Design2 Inspiring Office Interior Design Ideas & Tips Future of Work

In recent years, offices have been reconfiguring spaces to allow for an
uptick in spontaneous conversations, which in theory lead to new ideas. 

Did you know: 70% of collaboration happens at an actual workstation, and not necessarily during ad-hoc meetings in the hallway.

Interior design ideas contribute to time management

If your business involves running a factory as well as an office, you could have employees who need to be at both places several times in a day. You might want to position these employees so as to provide them easy access to the factory (for example near the exit).

Similarly, you could try placing all your office equipment such as copiers, scanners and printers in a centralized area to improve access.

Open office interior design typically involves all the desks facing the same direction with the senior staff members placed at angular positions to facilitate supervision.

Break or Recreational areas

Research has shown that employees who take well-deserved breaks from time to time are able to perform better than workers who have their nose to the grindstone all day. Keep aside a ‘break area’ equipped with comfortable furniture, high quality coffee cups as well as a coffee machine to help your workers unwind.

“The way people are working has changed, but the furniture has not evolved,” says Yves Béhar, founder of fuseproject. 
Which is not to say that in recent years offices haven’t modernized or,
rather, adjusted to include more communal spaces that accommodate
spontaneous bursts of brainstorming.


Ergonomic design ensures that each employee benefits from adequate lighting, ventilation and elbow room. Your office layout is a direct reflection of your company image and values and what your business stands for.

By paying attention to your office interior design, you are identified as a caring employer who is attentive to the welfare and comfort of his employees while simultaneously striving for efficiency and excellence. An attractive and comfortable layout is also more likely to attract quality staff and minimize staff turnover.

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