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Innovative Offices Make Healthier & Happier Employees

Improve office functionality and bring back some excitement into your employee’s professional habitat! Innovative office design is the key to healthier, happier and more productive employees.

Let’s consider the ‘future of work’. With the way work is changing, our offices need to keep up. To achieve this, offices are becoming more innovative in style, space, and collaboration. If you find yourself uninspired looking around your office, your employees are slumped in their chairs, then it might be time to consider a total office revamp.

What are some other benefits of innovative office design you may wonder? Effective use of space is a big one. In fact, space is one of the most important elements of interior design. This doesn’t mean you need a lavish multi-story office to feel more productive, you just need to be creative.

breakout-area-1024x591 Innovative Offices Make Healthier & Happier Employees Design Ideas Inspiration

Innovative office space

Access to natural light, collaborative spaces, and private meeting rooms will automatically increase employee satisfaction and productivity. When people can move around freely and effortlessly, they don’t feel like they’re tied down to their desks.

Here are some tips to get your office and staff absolutely pumped up!

Promote Movement!

Today’s modern world gets more of a thumb workout than any other kind. It’s possible to spend almost the entire day sitting at your desk, staring at one screen, tapping away at a keyboard. Alarmingly, we should only be sitting for two hours at the most.

Although that is unlikely, promoting physical movement in the workplace is important to get the blood flowing and a vital ingredient for collaboration. Google pioneers in promoting movement in its offices. The New York Google Headquarters implemented a huge rock-climbing wall where its employees can come and work out their tension!

google-rock-wall-view-1024x683-1024x683 Innovative Offices Make Healthier & Happier Employees Design Ideas Inspiration

Google Rock Wall View

This might be a bit on the extreme side of things but having exciting activities around the office to get employees moving in between sitting will outweigh negative feelings and improve overall happiness.

Flexible Layouts

Modern offices are no longer static. The rise of remote workers and startups have dramatically grown, and flexible design is the way to go. The best way to incorporate this trend into your space is to have workstations that convert into standing desks, moveable walls, and areas that can be used for multiple purposes.

This flexibility will help you redesign the space suitable for everyone and it will keep your employee’s wellness front of mind and create privacy whenever its required.

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Flexible layout open space

This innovative office trend throws out the traditional corporate office rule book.

Redbull London office have embraced the trend with open arms by creating a space that feels like a giant lounge area. After hours, the reception transforms into a trendy bar space where co-workers can wind down after the daily grind.


The health and wellbeing of employees should be central to design in order to have optimal productivity, happiness and overall health. Besides a healthy lifestyle, a healthy office space that encourages movement like walk and talk meetings and go hand in hand with adjustable furniture like sit-stand desks. Changing position from sitting to standing gives people a kick of energy, reduces back pain, and improves posture.

Sometimes in order to really smash out daily tasks, we need to plant ourselves in a chair and get it done. This is where you need to consider suitable office chairs that can keep employee’s comfortable and productive when they’re in the zone. The Kelvin Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair features high-back contoured design for support and comfort, a backrest tilt that allows you to recline in your seat and ensure comfortable posture.

Screen-Shot-2019-03-08-at-10.12.44-am-300x297 Innovative Offices Make Healthier & Happier Employees Design Ideas Inspiration

Kelvin Ergonomic Office Chair


Offices that successfully incorporate the principles of biophilia into their workspace design are likely to create more productive and satisfying places for their employees compared to offices without natural plant-life.

Give your office a nature face-lift with some of the following ideas:

  • A living wall or vertical garden
  • Gift plants to employees (as small or large as you please – within reason)
  • Fake plants if real plants don’t work for you!
  • Chose different shades and textures of office plants to bring some life into your workspace

Spending eight hours a day indoors deprives us of natural elements. Biophilia is our impulse to connect to nature and this increases work productivity by 15%. Several studies have proven plants boost cognition and improves overall health.

executive-boardroom-furniture-chairs-tables-storage-vertical-garden-wall1__89220__07382__92626.1535023909 Innovative Offices Make Healthier & Happier Employees Design Ideas Inspiration

executive boardroom furniture

Apple have jumped on the bandwagon and taken on this design trend with ‘Apple Park’, speckled with over 10,000 trees. The studios of Selgas Cano Architecture take connecting with nature to a whole new level. Their offices are nestled in the woods blending in seamlessly with the environment.

Its time to be more innovative with your office design, and add some of these elements into your office to keep employees happy, productive and healthy!

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