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Most offices are setup in the same format,
with rows of desks and chairs in a boring corporate environment. If you want to
boost productivity, then you need to increase the amount of movement that is
occurring in the office, and the easiest way to increase activity is by using
standing work stations.

With a sit-stand desk, each employee can
choose their desk height to accommodate their individual preferences. Standing
helps with many aspects of health, because it improves circulation, engages
muscles throughout the body, facilitates with lymph drainage, and burns more

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Exercises to Boost Health

Once your employees have standing desks,
you can show them simple exercises to improve balance and build muscle. For
example, they can balance on one leg while talking on the phone, to strengthen
the muscles in each leg. 
The intensity of this exercise can be increased by
holding it for longer periods of time, or by standing on the tip-toe of the balancing
foot. When standing on one leg, try holding the other leg straight in front of
you, or bend the lifted leg at the knee and pull it behind you.
Another option is to strengthen calf
muscles by standing on the tip-toes. Place both feet parallel and gently lift
the heels high off the ground for a few moments. Then slowly lower the heels
back to the floor again. Increase the height of the heels and the length of the
exercise to increase the intensity.
Stretching is important, and employees can
take a moment to step back from their desk to stretch their legs, arms,
shoulders, and back. Stretching helps to add a little bit of motion into the
day, and keeps optimal circulation in the muscles and joints.
Upper body muscles can easily be worked at
a standing work station by placing your hands on the edge of the desk, angling
the body and doing some push-ups. Also, change around the angle of the hands to
get a gentle stretch in the wrists and forearms.

is Important

If employees want to gain the most benefit
from their sit-stand workstation, then it is important that they are practicing
these types of office exercises on a regular basis. They don’t need to schedule
time for a full workout, because these exercises can be integrated into the
daily workflow as they are talking on the phone or taking a quick break from
their project.
At Urban Hyve offer a variety of
standing desk solutions to help you integrate a flexible design into your
office. Contact us to learn more about the ways your business can benefit from
standing work stations.

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