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office-chair How To Choose a Good [Ergonomic] Office Chair Future of Work

When it
comes to the office, your chair might be the most important piece of equipment
you possess in regards to your overall health and well-being. While most people
brush this fact aside with the attitude that ‘a chair is a chair’, the truth is
that not all chairs are equal.

Choosing the right office chair is not
necessarily as simple as buying the cheapest thing that you can find. You need
to take a lot of things into account as you shop, especially when considering
the fact that your literal physical health will be impacted by your decision.

Choosing the right chair could result in you experiencing as much comfort as
possible, and could help you to completely avoid the advent of back pain while
at work. Choosing the wrong chair, however, could very well see you with back
and neck pain within a few short months

How do you
make this choice? That is a great question, and that is exactly what we are
going to talk about!
First, you
need to keep in mind that a high quality office chair is going to be better
than a low-quality knock-off. The chair needs to be comfortable, ergonomic, and
suit your needs. Here are some things to look at when shopping for a high
quality office chair.



It is of
vital importance that you pay attention to the height of your chair. An office
chair with an adjustable height control is recommended, though not necessarily
required if you can find one that is already the perfect height. If the chair
is too tall or too short, it will eventually lead to back or neck pain, which is
why it is important to pay attention to this crucial detail.


Width and depth of the seat

The seat
should be wide enough to seat you comfortably, but not so wide that it is
inconvenient to maneuver. As far as seat depth, your back should rest
comfortably against the lumbar support behind you, with the front of the seat
ending a few inches before the back of your knees.


The Backrest

The backrest should be comfortable and conform to the proper angle of your spine. If it is a
separate piece, it should be adjustable for height. It should also be wide
enough to fit your back comfortably, and should provide
quality lumbar support for the lower-middle part of the back.

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