How to Build a Co-Working Space - Urban Hyve

Here are some examples of how to build and design a great co-working space.

to Build and Market a New Co-working Space
-A brief of an interview taken
from owners of CoCo, NextSpace, The Coop and Parisoma covering topics from
revenue streams to business plans and more. 

to Create A Pop-Up Co-working Space
– 6 tips on how to create a co-working
space which is cheap to set up and can be used to meet the needs of a community
or group of people for a temporary amount of time. 

to Create a Home Co-working Space on the Cheap
– Lifehacker provides a
great guide on creating an a co-working space right in your own home including
how to choose the right desk, tables, and storage, assessing your space, shared
devices, networking and more. 

a Shared Workspace
-The Greenhouse provides information on what co-working
space can be used as, possible facilities that can be provided, various layout
options and numerous furniture designs to help you get started in creating your
own co-working space. 

A Successful Co-working Space
– Deskmag presents tips on how to
continuously evolve your space, how to let members customize their space and
how to let the space reflect the user. 

Office Space
– A free online tool which can help you plan the layout of
your co-working space. Comes with pre-designed templates especially for

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Co-working Space
– A breakup of costs on
beginning a co-working space divided into three categories: the start, opening
the space, and the costs to keep it running.

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