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A well-designed and fully-equipped hotel conference room can make guests feel comfortable while transacting business at the same time. Investing time, effort and money into creating an attractive conference venue can attract a number of potential users, fortify your hotel image and eventually spike profits. You might want to ensure that your hotel conference room boasts robust audio-visual technology as well as speedy WiFi in addition to a welcoming and pleasing general ambience.

A number of contributing factors such as stylish décor, attractive and elegant furniture and the latest conference technology can add serious value to your hotel as a conference venue. The ideal hotel conference room must be able to offer excellent value for money as well as all incorporate all the latest modern facilities.

Hotel Conference room furniture

Attractive, colorful and appealing hotel conference room furniture can add class and comfort to your venue. Conference room furniture includes tables, chairs and sideboards. Choosing to invest in high quality conference room furniture can turn your hotel into a hot proposition for business clients looking for a comfortable and well-appointed meeting place.

How to choose hotel conference tables

Conference tables come in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles. From traditional, classy color choices to modern, funky bright colors, you can select from an impressive array of conference room tables.

The first criterion for choosing hotel conference room tables is picking the right size. The size would typically depend on the area you have available in your hotel conference room. The size must allow for comfortable seating and space between participants as well as easy access for delegates to move around when they need to.

The size and shape of conference tables can have a heavy impact on how effective the conference is going to be and can often set the tone of the meeting. Conference table dimensions and arrangement can determine the capacity of your hotel conference room.

Types of conference tables

Glass, wood and metal tables

For traditional hotel conference tables, there is pinewood and oak if you like the wooden look. If you’d like to opt for a more modern look, steel and aluminum conference tables are a great choice.

U-shaped hotel conference tables

U-shaped conference tables are perfect if you have a smaller space available. U-shaped tables allow you to accommodate delegates without making the room appear cramped. U-shaped hotel conference tables are ideal for meetings with 25 or less attendees. They encourage friendly interaction and avoid a tendency to encourage sub-groups.

Boat shaped tables

The dimensions of a boat shaped table can vary starting from a simple 4 x 8 feet (seating 8 people) to a massive 8 x 32 feet (seating 30 people). The boat-shaped contours give a graceful and sleek look. If you compare a boat shaped conference to a regular rectangular type, the width of the table is typically larger for the same number of attendees.

Rectangular conference tables

Like U-shaped tables, these are ideal for maximum space utilization and are perfect choices for board-level meetings. You can choose from a wide array of modern and appealing designs from wooden, metallic or glass.

Aluminum conference tables come with attractive lamination options and are sturdy, durable choices to use in hotel conference rooms.

L-shaped conference tables

L-shaped conference tables work well for larger sized conference areas as well as for addressing a larger crowd. The increased lateral workspace renders L-shaped desks as ideal conference tables given the inbuilt ability to cater to multiple speakers.

How to choose hotel conference chairs

Conference chairs must be designed for comfortable seating even when you have to sit for hours on end. Ergonomic hotel conference chairs must be able to offer adequate back and neck support and comfortable padding to prevent fatigue and discomfort.

Ideal hotel conference room chairs must incorporate a depth of about 600 inches with a width ranging from 560 to 580 inches.

Lightweight chairs

Hotel conference rooms often cater to meetings that involve a variable number of participants. In becomes useful to invest in lightweight, high density polypropylene chairs that can be easily stacked and transported to and from the conference room. Similarly, they can easily be removed from your conference venue in the event that the next conference is a smaller one.

Modern conference room chairs also come equipped with optional arms that can be attached in case the attendees need elbow room to make notes. Most also come with castors that make it much easier to rearrange your hotel conference room by simply rolling the chairs to where you want them to be.
If you want a classier look and have a bigger budget to play with, you can consider investing in high-quality and upholstered conference room chairs. These typically come in a variety of interesting color ranges and are equipped with a swivel feature that enables attendees to look directly at the speaker in any part of the room.

Heavily padded swivel chairs are great for high level board meetings. Ergonomically designed conference room chairs also come with padded arm rests that are able to easily slide under the conference table surface; thus keeping your guests comfortable and free from physical fatigue.

Conference chairs with adaptable features

Remember that attendees for conferences come in all heights and sizes and your conference room furniture must be able to adapt to different body contours. Conferences often run into lengthy durations and it is important your guests must feel comfortable sitting on the chairs even for hours together, if required.

Another important issue is to always have one or two specially designed conference chairs for disabled workers or attendees. Request your client to let you know beforehand so that you can place the chair in the most comfortable position for the employee in question.

Choose your hotel conference room furniture from reputed dealers

You can choose to invest in ergonomically designed conference room chairs that are durable, long-lasting while also fitting into your budget. Conference chairs also come equipped with optional locking clip options (for the back rest) and modern writing tablets that make them perfect choices for long term investment.

By dealing with reputed and trusted dealers, you can be assured of a perfect blend of functionality, appeal and value for your hard-earned money. Hotel conference furniture is a long-term investment and must lend itself to easy maintenance and handling. The first key step involves estimating the size of your hotel conference room and purchasing furniture accordingly.

Hot design tips for your hotel conference room

Conferences can range from a formal type meeting to an absolutely informal brainstorming session. Whatever the purpose, it’s a fact that a well-appointed and aesthetically designed conference room will have your business guests come back for more. The key to designing a fantastic hotel conference room is to ensure that the room is able to address the requirements of comfort and modern connectivity at the same time.

Investing in the latest technology

Modern conference rooms in hotels are expected to cater to twenty-first century requirements. Hotel conference rooms must be able to offer impeccable connectivity in the form of a high-speed WiFi, efficient and robust technology such as projectors, screens and an excellent audio-visual system.

Technology must-haves in your hotel conference room include flat screen TVs (a better option is wheel mounted TV’s that can be quickly and easily transported to different parts of the room), a projector, portable audio-visual cabinets and portable lecterns for the speakers.

Again, flat screen TV’s with a tilt facility will improve the chances of every attendee being able to view the TV clearly from any part of the room.

Adequate lighting

In addition to these fundamental requirements, your conference venue must be able to provide convenient access to both indoor as well as outdoor areas. Bright and cheerful lighting adds to the overall appeal and makes it easier for participants to view slides, images and videos. You might want to hire a professional to plan your hotel conference room lighting so as to prevent undesirable reflection on the screens at the same ensuring adequate lighting for all the seating areas.

Sound proofing and accoustics

Conference rooms require excellent acoustics to ensure that that all conversations and audio is can be clearly understood without echoes or outside noises reducing the quality of audio. You might want to invest in special sound-proofing products such as fabric-coated acoustic panels or sound-proofing insulation to ensure that your guests are left undisturbed by extraneous noises. Choosing the right carpets, curtains and window frames also helps in reducing the levels of noise and discouraging echoes.


No conference is complete without providing for refreshments for your guests. One conference room design tip is to invest in refreshment carts that can be unobtrusively wheeled around the room. These are available in several colors, styles and budgets. Another option is to go for side cabinets that can double as a refreshment station as well as extra storage space.

Hotel conference room side cabinets are available in modern, elegant designs and prove durable and sturdy for long-term use. Your hotel conference room must, for example, provide drinking water at each head table.


Hotel conference rooms often double for other formal occasions such as wedding receptions or family get-togethers. Hotel conference furniture that you invest in should be able to combine elegance, comfort and affordability in one solid package. The purpose must be to provide an excellent experience to your hotel conference guests.

Remember to confirm the number of attendees beforehand, any special requests from clients and appoint a staff member who will be exclusively responsible for handling your hotel conference arrangements.

Each business client will have different conference requirements. It is worthwhile appointing your hotel conference room in a way that allows maximum flexibility without compromise on quality.

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