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People who work from home have a very tough time, quite contradictory to popular belief. Home brings a sense of comfort and that can be counterproductive. Working in an office puts a ton of peer pressure to stay focused. Whereas, if you are working from home office, there is hardly any oversight and that may make you distracted very easily. 

Hence, if you are setting up home office furniture, you have to be very sure about how you plan to stay productive and active.

Here is the Best Possible Advice You Will Get for Staying Active in Your Home Office in 2019

It’s Your Home Office, Not Your Bedroom – Even if They Are in the Same Room

Some people who work from home have a tendency to get up from the bed and get to the desk or the other way round. Don’t train your brain into this cycle. The first step of having a home office starts with physically isolating the office from your sleeping space or relaxing space. You don’t have to put in cubicles and partition screens, but your home office should not remind you of the bed and the nap you had last night.

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Instead, focus on having furniture that gives you a sense of productivity and positivity. For instance – start with having ergonomic chairs and standing desks. If you are working from home, it will become very difficult to be active. If you don’t focus on your health, both your health and productivity will take a downturn. Hence, focus on having a space differentiated from your resting area; one that keeps you active for the day.

Breaks Are as Important as the Working Hours

Some people go way too ahead with self-disciplining themselves. This too can be counterproductive. If you are working for 8-10 hours a day from your home, you have to take breaks every couple of hours. There are simple tricks to doing this – take a walk, stretch for a while or just go and get yourself some water. 

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Standing desks make you stay active even while you are doing passive work. In case you don’t have a standing desk in place, you have to ensure that you are taking enough breaks and letting your body get rid of the tension built in the muscles every 90-120 minutes.

Use Your Home Office as Your Cradle of Creativity

Do you know what’s the best part about having an office at home? You can customize it any way you want. Most offices give you a desk and that is it. But your home can be your cradle of creativity.

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Use whiteboards, pin-boards and everything else that you think can help you have a more creativity inducing space. Some people go as far as sound-proofing their work area in order to focus on their work.

Stay Around Natural Light

Since your home must be in a residential area, it must be having good exposure to natural light. Even if it doesn’t, you can always take a walkout in the park and get some natural light. Natural light induces a sense of positivity and helps you stay away from fatigue.

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Hence, set up your office space in the home in a corner which is rich in natural light or take frequent walks into natural light, throughout your working day.

In Conclusion

It is a tough commitment to work from home. But, if you are able to create a unique place for yourself and are taking care of your health at the same time, you can reap the best of both the worlds! Want more help with setting up your home office furniture? Give us a call and our team will give you a free interior planning consultation session. 

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