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We’ve developed this guide with
the objective of offering a more helpful and convenient way to operate your
personal computer. This guideline will also play a good role in lessening the
usual problem of the occurrence of disabling as well as agonizing injuries
which have been discussed in the Health Warning section given below. You don’t
need to spend a long time looking over this guide but you will get a
long-lasting benefit from whatever information you do apply.
ergonomicposture Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work
The Reality of How Our Posture Slumps throughout the day

Health Warning

The mouse and keyboard that we
use lead to various severe disorders and health injuries.

When a person uses a computer,
he has to undertake multiple activities at a time resulting in occasional
irritations in various body parts like hands, shoulders, arms, neck etc. If you
experience some symptoms like pain, discomfort, aching, throbbing, numbness,
tingling, stiffness, burning sensation etc. persistently and even at the time
when you are not involved in computer works,
These symptoms may be associated
with the injuries which permanently disable muscles, nerves, tendons and other
body parts. Some of such musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are tendonitis,
tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis etc.
Although, researchers still
don’t know everything about MSDs, they agree that there are some factors which
might contribute to the occurrence of MSDs for example stress and the
sensitivity of a person to it, overall health, medical as well as physical
condition, the positioning of a person’s body during work etc. Another factor
is how much time a person spends on working. 
This “Healthy Computer Guide”
will show you the ways to work in a more convenient way with computer and
decrease the possibility of encountering MSDs. 
If you want to extract detailed
information on the arrangement of working place and development of the habits
which may facilitate the decrease in the risk of MSDs, read “Healthy Computing
” thoroughly. As there are lots of reasons which play a role in developing
MSDs, so this guide may not give you idea about all the facts but you will
definitely come to know about the predominant reasons. There is a history of
lots of people of have gained better comfort as well as productivity after
following the ways suggested by this guide. 

One thing you need to be clear that
this guide will not act as an alternative to professional health expert or
health program. If you want to know about the influence of your activities,
lifestyle, medical and physical condition over MSDs then you should consult
with a qualified physician.




postureergonomics Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work

During working hour or when you
are playing, try to avoid uncomfortable posture and always keep your body in
comfortable position. This will not only enhance the overall productivity of
you but also help to avoid the occurrence of MSDs. Don’t forget to change your
positioning during lengthy task which will help you to get rid of fatigue and
At the time of working with
computer, adjust your surroundings as well as computer equipments to get a
stress-free and contented posture of body parts. The arrangement of your work
place in a comfortable way depends on the body size which is very unique for a
person and also the work environment. The suggestions given below may help you
to get a more flexible working environment.

Tips on supporting the back:


HealthyComputingTips252822529 Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work

  • In order to support lower back, use a chair (see above image).
  • Make an adjustment between the surface of working area and the
    height of the chair to achieve a natural as well as convenient body
    posture (see below image).
HealthyComputingTips252832529 Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work


 How to promote comfortable
postures of leg:


  • Clear the underneath portion of your desk to get better leg
    movement and comfortable positioning.
  • If you feel that your feet are not having comfortable rest on
    floor, you can employ a footrest.
HealthyComputingTips252812529 Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work


In order to obtain flexible arm
and shoulder posture and minimize reaching, you may use the following tricks:


  • Keep the keyboard as well as mouse at the level of same height
    which will be good if it is at elbow level. The upper arms of the computer
    operator need to fall comfortable at the sides (see detail 3).
  • During typing task, keep the keyboard centered in front of the
    mouse (see detail 4).
  • Keep the items within the reach of your arms which are more
    commonly used (see detail 5).
HealthyComputingTips252842529 Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work


To attain perfect positioning
of wrist and finger, follow the tips given below:


  • During typing work and operating mouse, hold your wrist
    straight and don’t bend wrists to the sides or up and down. If you have
    legs with your keyboard, then you can extend them to get a straight wrist
    posture and better comfort.
  • While you are typing, your wrists should float above your
    keyboard to enable you the usage of whole arm to catch the distant keys
    without stretching your fingers.
HealthyComputingTips252862529 Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work


To avoid bending of neck, try
the tips stated below:


  • Adjust the positioning of top portion of the screen at your eye
    level (see detail 6). In case of bifocal wearers, screen may be lowered or
    the glasses may be customized specially for computer works upon the
    consultation of a professional physician. 
  • It’s necessary to center the monitor in front of you. If you
    need to have look over the documents more than the monitor, then place the
    documents in front of your eye and the monitor may be placed on a side
  • In order to adjust the position of documents at eye level, you
    may use a document holder.
HealthyComputingTips252852529 Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work

In order to reduce the stress on eye, try the following:

  • In order to sit comfortably in front of monitor, keep it at an
    arm away distance.
  • Keep your monitor at a distant place from light sources which
    are involved in creating glare or you may also use window blinds for
    controlling the level of light.
  • Never forget to clean the screen as well as the glasses if you
    use them.
  • Learn how to adjust the brightness and contrast of the monitor.
  • Select the font size on screen which is more comfortable for
    you if you have that facility in your computer program. 



All the physical forces are
involved in close interaction with our body. It’s not only the high impact
forces like car crash that causes injury to our body but also low impact forces
result in discomfort, injury and fatigue when these physical forces are
encountered over long time.


Example of some low forces:

Dynamic force: The force which is generated
through movement for example pressing key during mouse clicking or typing. 
Static force: The force which exists for a long
period for example holding phone or mouse for long time.

Contact force: A force which is generated by resting on a hard surface for example
resting wrists on your desk’s edge.

Try to embrace the following
ways to reduce the influences of low-impact forces:


  • During typing, keep your hands as well as fingers flexible and
    type with very light touch, after all you don’t need to give big effort to
    operate your keyboard’s keys.
  • Click mouse with light touch, the same formula is applicable
    while using joystick or any other gaming controller device.  
  • Keep your hand relaxed while holding the mouse and avoid
    gripping your mouse forcefully.
  • Never rest your wrist or palm on a surface during typing (see
    detail 7). This type of rest can be taken when you have a break from
  • When you are on break, try to make your hands and arms relaxed.
    Never rest the arms or hands on the edge of your desk.
  • Make the adjustment of your chair in a way that no pressure
    from the seat pushes the back of knees (see detail 8).


Don’t forget to take breaks

work-fun-gettyimages Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work
Remember to have fun!!

When you will take some break
from your computer work, it will give time to your body for recovering activity
and thus you can avoid MSDs. Based on the type of your work, you have to decide
how long you will rest and how frequent you need to take rest. 

Not only
postponing works and relaxing is the way to enjoy a break but also some other
forms of breaks are present for instance choosing a different mode of work. If
you change your position from sitting to standing during phone conversation, it
will definitely help you to make muscles relax.


To alter day to day tasks and
work productively, embrace the following ways: 


  • Make a planning for both work and play in such a way that you
    don’t need to perform the same task over a long period.
  • In order to do the same job, try to use diversified input
    devices. Suppose, you are doing a scrolling job, you can use both keyboard
    arrow key and the wheel of mouse.
  • To decrease your work pressure, adopt various software and
    hardware. For example, you have the opportunity to use Windows logo key to
    enter into the Windows start menu.
  • Try to learn the operations of hardware and software by
    following the instructions given with the products. For instance, in order
    to highlight the test commonly, allocate your mouse to do ClickLock.



heartfood Healthy Computing - A Guide to better Computer Ergonomics Future of Work

A healthy lifestyle is also
necessary to perform daily tasks in proper way with enjoyment. You need to
learn the detail about your health if you want to stay productive and flexible
with your computer tasks.


In order to maintain a healthy
status of health, adopt the following ideas: 


  • Take balanced diet as well as sufficient rest.
  • Don’t miss exercise as it will improve the flexibility,
    strength and overall fitness of body. In order to choose the right form of
    exercise for you, you may consult with a qualified physician.
  • Make proper stress management. By planning your work area and
    program properly, you can keep the racket and disturbances to a minimum
  • In order to be clear about the relevance of different factors
    like diabetes, injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy etc. to MSDs,
    consult with a professional health specialist.

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