Healthy Employees is the Key for Office Productivity | Detailed Guidelines

A team constitutes of players. The human body is built of cells. The tallest of construction projects are built with basic building units. This is the law of nature – if you want to control the whole, you should be in control of the most fundamental unit. The same applies to businesses. Every business is made of its people as its fundamental units, thus healthy employees is the key for office productivity.

With a good amount of assurance, you can assume that if your employees are not healthy – your margins and revenues will suffer. Healthy Employees is the Key for Office Productivity Future of Work

It may seem like a thought straight out of an employee-welfare journal, but this has very practical implications:

  • Unhealthy employees will not be as productive as other employees. Plus, their work will be transferred to people who might be already running on maximum capacities. This will hamper the entire office’s output quality.
  • Unhealthy employees will need frequent leaves. Since these are medical leaves, you cannot forbid them. This will still have an impact on the bottom line of your business.
  • Unhealthy employees have a negative effect on work culture. Absenteeism and fatigue will put a dent on the repute of your company and will heavily impact its ability to attract talent.

Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Employees’ Health and Hence, Eventually Take Care of Your Business’ Health

Motivate Them to Have an Active Work – Environment

Most of the people have a work desk or a workstation. They come to work, switch on their computers and sit there all day long. Some people use their work area for eating as well.

It has been clinically proven that such habits lead to severe health risks in the long run. Increased cholesterol, obesity, hypertension and a general sense of fatigue around the clock are the signs that you have to make changes for your employees. Healthy Employees is the Key for Office Productivity Future of Work

The solutions for getting healthy employees are pretty simple. Give your employees ergonomic chairs that support a healthy sitting posture. Pair this with an adjustable desk, that can be doubled up as a standing desk. Make sure your employees spend at least one-half of their day working using the standing desk.

Give Them Space to Switch Off From Work

A workspace is not space where you go to work. A workspace is a space where you go to produce the best of your work. When you change the definition that way, having a dedicated space for relaxing and switching off from work starts making sense. Healthy Employees is the Key for Office Productivity Future of Work

You can go for a sleeping area, a small gaming area, cafeteria or something as simple as a place for meditating – to help your employees switch off from work. Advertising legend David Ogilvy would walk out of the office right after important meetings to let his mind wander into creativity. Imagine what all your business can achieve if you are able to cultivate tens of David Ogilvies in your office!

Increase Office Collaboration for Healthy Employees

Humans, at the end of the day, are social animals. Hence, affiliations, social relationships and collaboration give us a sense of purpose and belonging. The most well-run startups and hedge-funds make sure the employees look at the firm as a group of like-minded people with a common denominator of values. Healthy Employees is the Key for Office Productivity Future of Work

You can achieve all of this by decreasing the distance between employees and adopting a more open working space. Socially collaborative employees will also be healthy employees.

In Conclusion

Your employees are the building blocks of your business. You take care of their health and they will take care of the health of your business. Take up this advice and see as your employees flourish alongside your business! 

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