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Wouldn’t we all like to sit on the best office chair? The kind of chairs that we usually see at the offices of our investors or our biggest traders. Since our experience with good office chairs is so limited, we may end up thinking that without a good amount of money put into each office chair, there is no possible way to get the perfect office chair. If that’s what you are thinking, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Good office chairs have defined set of functions:

  • They have to be comfortable.
  • Have to help you be more productive.
  • They have to fit into the aesthetical scheme of your office.
  • Have to fit into your budget.

With Those Constraints in Mind, Here Are the Steps to Choose the Best Office Chair

Start With Mapping Out Your Average Workday

Averages are a very powerful statistical tool. They can give you the underlying behaviour of a data set without making you take care of each of its properties. Hence, use the average workday as the proxy for understanding how a normal workday would look like for an employee. Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair Future of Work

For instance – if you are into consulting or auditing, your employees will be on the road for a large part of the year. Hence, there isn’t a ton of point in putting in a lot of ergonomic chairs that will be used only for one-third of the year. You can use an open-office to take care of this.

Contrary to that, if you are running a product company, you will need most of your employees in the office round the calendar. At the same time, your employees will spend their days in devising solutions, coming up with product ideas and getting in touch with customers. This would mean that for a large part of the day, they might be sitting in one chair. Hence, choose a chair that is comfortable across the day. Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair Future of Work

At the same time, if your employees have to move around the desk at very short distances, you might even want revolving chairs or chairs that induce mobility.

Focus on the Material for its Breathability and Not Just the Aesthetics

No matter how well-cooled your workplace is, when you are sitting in the same place for hours, you would prefer that your office chair is not irritating to your skin. Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair Future of Work

The general principle to ensure this doesn’t happen is that the chair’s material should have enough breathability. For this, you can use mesh or other materials, that will help your chair be friendlier to the skin of the user.

Armrest, Back-Rest and Lumbar Support – the Trifecta of a Good Office Chair

Finally, once the chair fits into the requirements given above, focus on these three elements. If an office chair does not feel comfortable enough, there is no point for it to look good or fit into a budget.

white-2591360_1280-1024x683 Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair Future of Work

The chair has to be comfortable for your lower back, your upper back and your arms – when you use it for the day.

In Conclusion

We understand that choosing the right office chair from a cohort of options is more complex than just filtering out the alternatives that don’t work for you. Hence, once you get in touch with our team, we will give you a free consultation session to help you get the right office chair

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