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The boardroom doesn’t always have to be boring.

It should be a place where creative thoughts flourish, amazing ideas come to life, and relevant matters are decided upon. It is a space dedicated for minds to function and translate it to something useful. 

Make meetings less serious by incorporating fun and a little informality into your office furniture.

Boardroom_table_Layout__58542.1410918307.1280.1280-2-1024x664 Groove: Modern Boardroom Interior Design Future of Work

The Groove boardroom table is the perfect center of attraction in your boardroom. It has a clean, minimalistic design that complements whatever mood your office meetings have.  

The Groove desking system is completely modular and can accommodate as many people as you need, allowing every valuable person in the company to be seated comfortably to each other. It’s unconventional design gives the boardroom table a modern twist, going away from the traditional corporate look.

This boardroom table is ideal for offices with a professional yet creative atmosphere. It can be your company’s partner in coming up with fresh ideas and cool concepts which your clients will surely appreciate.  Whatever your groove is, this boardroom table will definitely make your meetings something to look forward to.  

Complete the modern boardroom look with some fun breakout chairs which come with a variety of colours to complement the style or go for something more classic like the Armadale chair in white to achieve a striking and clean all-white look.
Every office boardroom can benefit from an interior design with a fun twist – a look that is functional, stylish, yet modern. Call us on 1300 613 710 if you would like us to make this look work for you!

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