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Activity Based Working (ABW) is a new office design concept that is taking the corporate world by storm. The concept focuses on creating a workplace design that engages with employees in ways that traditional office design has not. ABW breaks free from the conventional office design and fosters shared work environment with a variety of predetermined activity areas that allow employees to find a space that caters to their immediate work style needs. Weather an employee is seeking a place to learn, focus, collaborate or socialise, ABW creates space for any activity they might need.

Taking this concept to the next level, Goodman has created a new Activity Based Working model with a slight twist. They call it “Space to Work”. Space to Work is an evolving and flexible work model that is designed to suit the operations of Goodman’s business. It focuses on creating virtual offices through the implementation of the latest technology, such as laptops and wireless connectivity, enabling staff to work from anywhere. In addition it wanted to “highlight the transformative possibilities of industrial sites and create a showcase for adaptive reuse.”

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Goodman Objectives

Goodman launched this model for a plethora of reasons:

  • To relocate staff in the Sydney Office
  • To explore available efficiencies
  • Achieve optimal IT integration
  • Increase staff collaboration and productivity
  • Facilitate staff mobility
  • Reduce reliance on paper

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Implementation Strategy

To implement this concept, Goodman developed a sound strategy which included market research and a multi-functional approach, whereby work stream leaders were selected according to their areas of expertise to assist with management of the project.

Goodman set out a timetable that identified seven work streams and their deliverables. Weekly project team meetings were conducted to measure the progress and for prompt resolution of the issues, if any.

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The outcomes achieved from this style of working truly helped Goodman take its business to greater heights. The concept of Space to Work ABW; empowered Goodman to not only gain a strong business foothold in Sydney, but also expand its operations globally. The implementation of this concept proved to be a big success for the company. Giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere using their laptops enabled Goodman to increase employee satisfaction and work performance. Employees could work from anywhere at any time and interact and collaborate with other staff members across the globe via wireless connection.

It is fair to say that ABW will continue to flourish like the offices at Goodman, when employees needs are placed first.

Take a look at Goodman’s research on Activity Based Working!

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