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Looking for examples of cool and sustainable design?

I’ve collected a few great ideas and examples I like. Please feel free to check them out and share them!

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10 Awe-Inspiring, Sustainable Designs for a Living World – A slideshow from Treehugger showcasing the works of prominent designers from fashion, industrial design and furniture design who use natural and sustainable materials. 

150 Examples of Sustainability – 150 examples of various items for sustainable design exhibited for the Delft University of Technology. Includes awesome design concepts such as a mouse pad couch, transparent screens, an AA battery-powered mobile phone charger and more.

Great Examples of Sustainable Design – From a Peepoo bag to help water contamination in slums to Recirculating Aquaponics to mimic natural aquatic systems, the examples in this resource are practical and important for numerous environments.

Examples of Sustainable Design – A number of case studies provided by The Design Council including printing, interior design, packaging and furniture design.

Architectural Sustainability – Information on what a ‘real’ green building should be doing for the environment along with examples of green architectures from around the world.

There are numerous organizations and examples that can be used to help get started with sustainable, eco-friendly design. The internet is full of reliable resources such as tools and business plans for various ventures in sustainable design. Becoming aware of all the knowledge already collected will save you time and effort and help the study and implementation of sustainable design to continuously grow.


Organizations for Sustainable Design


The Centre for Sustainable Design – Established in 1995 the CfSD is responsible for carrying out high quality research, organizing conferences, workshops and training programs all to further enhance the knowledge base of sustainable design.

Design Intelligence – A resource which prints bi-monthly reports on architecture, compensation and benefits, technology benchmarks, sustainable design and more. 

Top 10 Sustainable Design Blogs – A list of the most notable sustainable design blogs from LEEDS accredited blogger, Preston Koerner. Includes the latest blog posts from each blog.

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