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Majority of the business owners who run a business are always on the run on finding ways to save money on office furniture, this is where Frugal Office Design comes in

Their concerns are having a certain dimensionality to them:

  • The office furniture ideas should be in the budget.
  • They should add some value to the office.
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Frugal Office Design

You don’t have to keep scratching your head, trying to crack this one. We got it for you.

If you have been looking for budget office furniture ideas to make your office look cool on a tight budget, your search ends right away.

Here are a few ideas for Frugal Office Design 

1. Open Office and Collaborative Spaces with Frugal Office Design

One of the greatest ways to give any office space a modern-day makeover is by converting it into an open office.

Now, before you do this, you should know that this will have a significant impact on the culture of your company.

All of a sudden – people will be more open to collaboration, and not everyone will be sticking to a strict hierarchy for working. 

The idea is to have the entire office functioning as one unit, which often means doing away with any cabins or cubicles.

Here is a trick – go ahead with the open office plan, and have one or two team cabins, where teams that are nearing a deadline can go to finish up work if they want to.

Collaborative spaces are at the heart of open office designs. Instead of going for dedicated desks and chairs and work stations, make teams sit around a common working area.

2. Rotating Desk Ownership.

Yet another common tactic to free up some space in the office is to not give dedicated desk-space to any one team.

Have you ever seen a team in a growing company?

Their rhythms and their goals keep changing every few weeks. Some days – they are running for the skies and on the other, they hardly have any work.

When the days are so infrequently distributed – why is the ownership of desk space so equally distributed?

Stirring around this very idea, you can have a few collaborative spaces and a small set of differentiated workstations where people can go and work on a rotating basis. 

3. Remote Working.

Want to save on the furniture expansion and also look cool to any prospective hires?

Have space for remote working in your business.

At some point in time, some employees will walk up to you and say that they are planning to work from home for a while. Why not prepare for those situations today itself!

Besides all of that, this helps you free up space in the office and also tells your employees that you trust them and are ready to take up space to make working more convenient for them.

Have the right set of virtual monitoring systems in place, and you’ll be good to go.

4. Recycled Furniture.

An innovative way to utilize the old furniture and other elements of your office – is recycling them, this is one of the best frugal office design tips

From wooden lamps to bamboo desks, to recycled paper for partition screens – you can use your imagination run wild!

Follow a simple principle – look at each old piece of furniture or remains in your office and ask yourself what you can do about it.

In Conclusion

It is not really difficult to add the right amount of ‘coolness’ to your office on a tight budget.

If these ideas don’t seem plausible enough, you can even go for something as simple as buying a few plants and a few lights for the office, to create a perception of space and freshness.

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