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office-space Examples of Cool & Funky Co-working Space Design that Really Work Future of Work

eOffice: Co-working – eOffice examines different co-working environments around the world and provides pictures of what makes these spaces a place where creativity and success blossom.

Co-working in New York: Green Spaces – A look at how Green Spaces, a co-working space in New York is helping people get together to make the world a better place to live in.

Take a Look Inside Google’s Co-working Space in London (Pictures) – A classic example of Google’s vision come to life, Jump Studios has created 7 floors of flexible workspace for the internet giant.

How Co-working Office Design Will Change the Future of Work – The PSFK consulting team takes a look at some offices which they thought perfectly encapsulate the spirit the co-working.

inhabitat: Mode:lina’s New Co-working Office Maximizes Space with Private Plywood Loft – Privacy is often downplayed as an important factor for co-working spaces but the truth remains that sometimes it is absolutely necessary. This private plywood loft used by Mode:lina seems to bring the best of both worlds into the co-working environment.

16 Cool Co-working Spaces – From a spa theme to simple lofts, Inc. provides pictures of 16very exclusive co-working spaces to encourage you to come up with something unique for your own space.

In summary, to design your own co-working space you’ll need to:

  1. Research existing spaces to get an idea of what’s out there and what you want to implement.
  2. Find a space that you can use for your co-working office.
  3. Decide on color themes, types of furniture and connectivity options that you’ll be providing.
  4. Draw up a blue print of what the layout of the co-working space will be.
  5. Get a team of people to help you put it all together.

Again and again, people with co-working experience will tell you that the success of the space is dependent on both the physical and social aspects. So make sure that you’ve talked to your network and asked them to spread the word about your new venture.

Who knows, your next business partner may be the first one to walk in the door of your co-working space. Need cool office desks? Contact us today.

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