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Creating an eco-friendly office space has multiple
advantages for the environment and for your company as well. When the ‘green
movement’ initially started it was for the sake of the environment but ever
since then, many large corporations have seen that it benefits their revenues
and employees as well. 

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Consider the following numbers:

  • A survey conducted by Cohn & Wolfe revealed
    that 35% of consumers in all countries are willing to spend more for green
  • MonsterTRAK did a poll on green employment which
    revealed that 92% of young professionals in the US prefer to work for an environmentally-friendly
  • Coca-Cola cut down on packaging and saved $100
  • Marks & Spencer earned an extra £50 million
    in revenue after it adopted environmental and business guidelines for their
  • Recycling a four-foot stack of newspapers saves
    the equivalent of one 40-foot fir tree.

Below you’ll find a collection
of guidelines, articles, posts and photos on how to have aneco-friendly office
space – what you’ll need, what steps to take and some of the most notable green
buildings around the world. Some of the changes you can make are using energy
saving light bulbs, buying vintage furniture, having just the right office
space layouts and implementing green policies.
University: Green vs Non-Green Buildings in Australia
(.pdf file) –A media
release of a survey conducted of employees who work at Green Offices vs. those
who work in Non-Green Buildings. Results proved that those who work in Green
Offices are happier and healthier than their peers. 
Green BuildingCouncil
– The official site of the GBCA which was launched in 2002 to
help develop sustainable property industry in Australia and drive the adoption
of green building practices through market-based solutions.
Increasingly Value Green Employers
–A surprising benefit of having an eco-friendly
office space is happier employees. Business News provides the results of a new
poll about why it is beneficial to employers to have a green office. 
(.pdf file) –  A simple one
page document that can be printed and used as a guideline for employees on
becoming green at the office and at home. 
Top Myths About Green Offices
– An excellent resource to read through to
make sure you’re not wasting time and money on things that are not helping you have an eco-friendly
office space. 
Houzz: 148 Eco-friendly
Space Home Office Design Photos
– Though this is an enormous collection of eco-friendly
ideas for home offices, most of them can be used as inspiration for
corporations too. 

Office Guide
(.pdf file) – A guide to help buy and use environmentally
friendly office equipment.

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