Design the Ultimate Home Office

Setting up a home office might seem like a simple task at first, however don’t be fooled! It’s significantly important for your design to be done correctly. Ultimately, you’re spending around eight hours a day in this space, so your home office needs to really encourage you to want to work and be productive without being distracted in the comfort of your home.

If you already work from home, you know how important it is to have a well-designed home office that actually inspires you to get things done. There is a huge increase of Australians working from home, in fact, almost a third of employed Aussies regularly work from home in their main job or business. That’s 3.5 million of all employed persons who regularly work from home in their main job or business according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Whether you work from home full-time, part-time or even a couple hours, or if you’re starting with a blank slate or trying to make improvements to your current office space, we have tips on how to design the best home office that will provide all the benefits of a productive workspace.

Separate zones –

First and foremost you need to ensure your home office space is completely separate to your daily living space. This is super important because it encourages your brain to switch from home and enter ‘work mode’, then again to switch off once you step out of the work zone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to dedicate an entire room as an office, however select an area with decent lighting (very important!), plenty of space, and away from distractions like TVs, video games, or the fridge (probably my greatest distraction).

The specific space you design your home office doesn’t matter as much as the conscious choices you make for it.

Invest in good furniture –

Now you’ve found your space to work, it’s time to add the essentials. Increasing productivity starts with investing in the right tools. This means everything from your office chair, to the right keyboard really counts.

Chair – consider comfort, support, adjustable and flexibility like the Oyster Ergonomic Mesh Multishift Chair.


  • Flexible seat height
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable arms
  • Mesh back
  • Moulded seat foam
  • 700 mm Alloy 5 star base
  • Low back only has ratchet back
  • 4 Lever ergonomic mechanism
  • Available in black mesh only
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Weight limit is 140 kg

Your desk should be spacious for room to spread things out. To add to this, sit/stand desks have become extremely popular because of their flexibility and health benefits. Something like the Nimble Sit/Stand Height Adjustable Desk works perfectly for those who want to mix it up throughout the day.

Stay organised with storage –

One of the most important parts of a well-designed home office is the storage space. Collecting paperwork, forms, notes and other printed out documents can get messy if left unorganised. You don’t want this mess to backfire on your work, and you should hide your office clutter. Invest in some storage space like a filing cabinet, or a simple three drawer mobile pedestal that can be simple to move around.

Accessorise and decorate–

Decorating is fun and playful. Avoid going overboard with accessories, instead chose things to suit your work style/theme. If you find your office looks a little ‘vanilla’, purchase something with bright colours like orange, which has been proven to increase productivity.

Throw in some greenery! Biophilia is super important in any workspace. According to scientific research proves benefits for mental and physical health in employees, so get a plant in your home office space.

Buy a calendar, artwork and a clock to add some finishing touches to your space. You can really get creative with your space without limitations. However, it’s easy to go overboard with decorating so keep it simple and suited to your taste!

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