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The most important variable that has a deep impact on the profits of your business – is the productivity of your employees. For decades now, management theorists and organizational behaviour experts have tried to devise strategies for building the ideal office space. All these years later, we still have a convoluted theory of what the ideal office should be like. And even on this, people beg to differ.

The ideal way to think about your office space furniture, is by thinking about the best practices instead of following a holy plan.

Here Are Some Best Practices That You Can Use to Create an Inspiring Office Space by Using the Right Office Space Furniture

Provide a welcoming environment

The most important aspect of having a collaborative culture in the workspace is making it as welcoming as possible. Instead of making the office resemble a retail bank where people come only for a few minutes, you should think about office space furniture as an important part of the lives of people who work in the office. Design Guide to Create an Inspiring Office Space Furniture Future of Work

The easiest way to make a workplace more welcoming is by putting in greenery. Plants and shrubs have a tendency to induce positivity among people. They symbolize life itself. As humans, we always feel more comfortable and in our element when we are in the company of nature. Hence, bring some nature to your office by installing plants in the workplace.

Make Furniture Work for the People Instead of the Other Way Round

Some office managers get so out of touch with reality that they have to look for outside research to see what will work inside their office. The best proxy to understand what your employees need – are your employees themselves. Design Guide to Create an Inspiring Office Space Furniture Future of Work

Instead of thinking about what furniture trends will work for your employees, think about their needs. This starts with understanding what constitutes their average workday and then planning for inspiring office space furniture from there. 

Two general ideas that erupt from this school of thought are:

  • Create different zones: This would include having at least one working zone, one collaboration zone and one relaxation zone.
  • Getting inspiring office space furniture that is adaptive to the needs of your employees. If they need privacy in an open office environment, get some office booths. If they need a dedicated collaboration space, get them whiteboards and mobile office partitions.

Break the Monotony – Make an Inspiring Office Space

This is the principle that can have the most impact at the least of the costs. Just add a dash of colours in the bland scheme of the office paint. Or add a relaxation zone with a pool table and a small refrigerator that is carefully filled with nutritious food. When people come to work for a certain period of time, they get used to the sensory experience in the office. Design Guide to Create an Inspiring Office Space Furniture Future of Work

This leads to fatigue and reduces creativity. A simple idea to do is by focusing on breaking the monotony. You can add new spaces, pieces of furniture, try out room fresheners or reshuffle the seating area.

In Conclusion

We have helped several businesses get the best design for their office space furniture. We think in terms of workspaces and not just individual furniture.

yann-maignan-rRiAzFkJPMo-unsplash-1024x683 Design Guide to Create an Inspiring Office Space Furniture Future of Work

Get in touch with our team and we will give you a free office planning and interior designing consultation session. After all, every great inning starts with a strong partnership!

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