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Designed by a London based designer, the Charlotte Kingsworth, slashed is a uniquely designed sofa that truly depicts innovative interior and furniture design of the modern day. Durable, and comfortable, the elegantly designed sofa consists of a stainless steel structure that offers unmatched support to the entire seating unit.

The cushioned sofa and ottoman flaunts a massive cut in the middle revealing the bright yellow interior which adds color and a playful element to a simple design. Both these contemporary pieces of furniture celebrate the gaps in the upholstery as a smart storage for newspapers, tabloids or magazines. The fun eruption, like a slashed open wound can perfectly compliment any vivacious interior.

magazine-pouch-in-couch Product Review: The Slashed Sofa Reviews Seating

This contemporary and vibrant sofa can be placed in waiting rooms, reception areas and even in your personal cabin. It’s a great way to give a fun look to a busy workspace to keep your staff’s energy high. Besides, let’s not forget the unmatched comfort this sofa offers! Placing this sofa in your reception area or your waiting room is the best way to ensure that your clients/customers who visit you sit comfortably, even if takes slightly longer for their turn to arrive. Besides this, that’s not all this sofa can be used for! Let your imagination go wild to use it to create funky informal seating zones where your hardworking employees can sit down and relax – sometimes even take power naps to re-energize and deliver their best at work. Explore your possibilities.

base-of-slashed-couch Product Review: The Slashed Sofa Reviews Seating

The sofa comes with an ottoman of the same color theme that adds more fun element to its unique design. The sofa, upholstered in a grey colored material adds extra comfort to the seating. The design and seating ensures ultimate luxury and comfort.

We’ll say if you’re looking to add lively aesthetics into your workplace without compromising on your comfort, then this piece of sleek and unique, slashed sofa and ottoman is surely the furniture pieces for you. Not only will they add some character to your interior space, it’ll also add an instant brightness to the design theme and office landscape.


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