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‘Happy employees are productive employees’:

Modern office cultures have replaced the old style of working and incorporating a break area is very important if you want your employees to be relaxed and productive. The office break area is often one of the most underestimated spaces in a workplace.

A well-designed break area can help employees get away from work-related stress and get them to unwind. After spending some time in the break area, he returns to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Investing in designing your office break area can improve employee morale and lead to increased productivity.

The break area can also be used as an informal meeting place

Apart from relaxing, break areas are often used to exchange ideas and communicate with other employees. The break area can also double as an informal meeting place for your employees. The office breakout area furniture design that you choose must be able to induce a light and relaxed mood.

Tips to design an innovative and attractive break area

Size: The size of your break area would be proportional to the number of employees that you have. Estimate roughly the number of employees who would like to use the room at the same time. It’s best to remove any equipment that does not belong there. Keep the area spacey and uncluttered.

break-room Breakout Area Furniture Design & Tips Future of Work

Tables: You can get modern, funky, pub-style tables that are comfortable and occupy minimum space. They give a relaxed feel and add a modernistic touch to a traditional break area. For those want to read a little, consider adding in coffee tables stocked with a few magazines and newspapers.

Boardroomtable_Layout Breakout Area Furniture Design & Tips Future of Work

Chairs: Consider investing in some comfortable couches. A comfortable couch is the best place to unwind while resting the back and arms. Other interesting add-ons are bean bags and pod seating to provide a change from the regular chair.

Lighting: Keep the break area well-lit. If you don’t have a window, use ergonomic lighting to provide adequate lighting to brighten up the place.

Colours: Choose a color scheme that is designed to encourage relaxation and minimize stress. Orange, light blue and pale green are good choices as opposed to tones of red.

Kitchen: Place your kitchen close to the break area. It’s advisable to invest in a refrigerator and a microwave. Ensure that you also stock up on low-fat and healthy snack options as well as decaffeinated coffee for those who want it.

Office bulletin board: The office break area is a good place to tack up a bulletin board. News about office events from meetings to picnics to parties can be put up here for employees to relax and read.

Keep the noise levels down: One of the most important things to keep in mind is to keep the break area away from the regular buzz of the office floor. Noise can be stressful and it is advisable to keep away photocopiers, old refrigerators and printers away from the break area.

You can also consider investing in a good TV and an internet connection to add value to the break area. Ergonomic furniture with modern designs is an ideal add-on to make the break area attractive, functional and appealing.

The ideal office breakout area furniture design must be able to combine comfort and functionality at the same time. The employee must feel refreshed and go back to his desk with a sense of renewed energy, positive attitude and motivation after his break.

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