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If you’ve ever watched the comedy film ‘The Internship,’ there’s no doubt that you have drooled over being able to work in one of the coolest places ever. Slides, sleeping pods, bikes, all of them feature regularly in shots of the Google offices. Why wouldn’t people compete for the opportunity to work in a place that offers one giant fun party for the eight hours (or more) that you have to commit to it every day? Excellence in office design can not only stimulate a positive culture, it can give you an edge in the talent market.

This year, there is one clear overarching theme for office design: customisation. Customisation has been the flavour of corporate offices for 2015, not only in the services they provide but in the way they create innovative spaces for their teams. In this article, we explore the most amazing offices that 2015 has had to offer, and how we can draw inspiration from these innovative office designs. Here are some of the best office spaces in the world:

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1. Airbnb

Airbnb have nailed incorporating their service offering and brand into their office design in San Francisco. Team members need only head over to the cafe or conference room to reach a different area of the world. Each space is designed to reflect an Airbnb listing. Airbnb’s slogan is “beautiful, inspirational places”. Now, their office space is made to represent the places they share with the world every day. In adopting places that are actually listed on Airbnb’s site, the designers have also been able to create homely spaces. Home has more than influenced the design of Airbnb – homes are the design. ‘We spend the majority of our lives at work,’ Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb said in an interview with Metropolis Magazine. ‘Why wouldn’t it be as comfortable or as inspiring as your own home?’

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2. Medibank

Medibank needed a cultural change. They went from being a traditional and conservative healthcare business, to a provider that focuses on preventative health and wellbeing. The first step? Design the office to suit the culture they wanted. Medibank’s office in Melbourne’s docklands underwent a dramatic shift with the aim to encourage flexibility, movement, choice, engagement, and interaction.

Staff members who work for Medibank get to choose where they work for the day out of 26 different options. Nice day? Sit outside with your laptop. Need to focus? Choose a quiet space. The stairs have been specifically designed as the easiest way to get from one floor to the next. And don’t worry about bringing the outdoors in, as the Medibank office features over 2,000 indoor plants.

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3. Business Chicks

This Sydney based women’s networking team don’t just have a fun job – they have a great space to perform in. With a chillout space central to their design, a hard day’s work can be instantly erased with a nap on one of the office beds or just stepping in for a massage. The lunchroom at Business Chicks has a grassed area and a home style kitchen with all the fixtures and fittings of a well designed, bright home kitchen. There are lounge rooms with inspirational quotes to keep people motivated.

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