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An office chair has a huge responsibility in a modern office – to keep your workforce comfortable while they work towards pushing your organization further on the growth path. Naturally, an office chair is one of the most important elements of modern office furniture. With your staff spending more and more time working on assignments, your office needs ergonomic office chairs to make your staff feel more comfortable during the entire day.

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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair?

If you are looking to buy office chairs, you should consider ergonomic chairs that are way better than standard office chairs. Here are a few distinguishing elements that differentiate ergonomic office chairs from a conventional chair.

Features You Should Look For in an Ergonomic Office Chair

While buying office furniture in CBD, keep these features and functionalities in mind to choose the perfect ergonomic chair:

  • Height Adjustment: An ergonomic office chair should give the capability to adjust seat height. It is essential to make sure that your workforce is sitting in the right posture for well-being.
  • Seat Slider: The seat pan depth adjustment facility makes sure that a person has ample space between the front edge of the seat and back of the knee for smooth blood flow.
  • Back Rest Height Adjustment: A chair that offers the feature to adjust the height of backrest gives a person the power to adjust his posture for required back support.
  • Swivel Base: Swivel base in an ergonomic chair ensures that a person can turn around while being seated.
  • Back Angle & Tilt Tension Adjustment: With the help of these functionalities, one can fine tune his posture and back for being comfortable. With back tilt tension knob, one can adjust the pressure/tension that rocks the chair back into actual position.
  • Casters: Ergonomic chairs should have high-quality casters as they handle the entire body weight.

Choosing the Right Ergonomic Office Chair

Often people make mistakes in choosing the right ergonomic chair while buying office furniture. This is because humans have dynamic needs. What’s perfect for one might not be best for the other. However, here are some factors that will help you choose ergonomic chairs that will please everyone in your office:


You should buy an office chair with a pneumatic adjustment lever that allows height adjustment. The best ergonomic chairs are the ones that can be adjusted between 16-21 inches in height from the floor. This height allows the user to sit with his feet on the floor, thighs in horizontal position and arms on the desk. Also, when you buy office workstations, keep this height in mind.

Depth & Width

Often people ignore that a seat should be adequately deep and wide for a comfortable posture. While buying office chairs, make sure that the ergonomic chair is at least 17-20 inches wide. Also, the depth of the seat i.e. the area between the front and back of the seat should be sufficient for someone to sit and still leave 2-4 inches in between the edge of seat and back of the knees.

Lumbar Support

While choosing an ergonomic chair, you should pay attention to the kind of lower back support it provides. Human spine has an inward curve and sitting without support can damage the spinal structures, causing several health problems. Your ergonomic chair should have adjustable lumbar support with the facility to change the height and depth so that the user can easily adjust the same according to his posture and height.


When you are looking to buy ergonomic chairs, you should ensure that its backrest should be 12-19 inches wide. Also, in the case of detachable backrest, the chair should offer the facility to adjust its height and angle. Keep an eye on the backrest shape. It should support the natural curve of the spine. There should be proper support for lumbar region. There should also be an angle adjusting and locking mechanism for backrest in case the backrest is permanently attached to the seat.

Seat Material

The material of the seat is very important as one has to sit on the same for long hours. There should be enough padding on the seat so that one can sit on the chair without any discomfort. Preference should be given to seats with cloth fabric as it is breathable and ensures ventilation.


The armrest of an ergonomic office chair should be adjustable so that the user can rest his arms comfortably while working. The armrest should provide proper support to the elbows and lower arms always. Also, ensure that armrest should not hamper forearm’s movement while typing or working on an office workstation.


The ability to freely rotate and move around is an important feature of any ergonomic chair. This is essential so that the user can easily reach out to far corners of workstation without any strain.

Bonus: Buying Tips For Choosing the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Never test or try ergonomic chairs in a relaxed position.
  • Always buy a chair that is aesthetically appealing and high functional at the same time.
  • Ask your employees for recommendations on what kind of office chair they would like.
  • Research about office chair and choose a vendor that provides free delivery services.
  • If confused about making a decision, talk to an office furniture expert that can offer free consultation

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